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Wow Vegas Promo Code & Bonuses in 2024

Wow Vegas Promo Code & Bonuses in 2024

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 24.05.2024

The Wow Vegas sweepstake casino bonus gives you 250,000 Wow Coins (the same as Gold Coins elsewhere) and 35 Sweepstake Coins to start you off when you decide to join.

You can use the Wow Coins for any of the social games on the site, whereas the Sweeps Coin is best saved until you’ve got more to play with. You can redeem any Sweeps Coins you win via the games for cash prizes later. Read on for more bonus details.

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Wow Vegas Social Casino Bonus
1.75 million WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweepstake Coins
T&Cs apply, 18+
Visit Site
Diners Club
American Express
Bonus Type
Welcome Bonus
Min. Deposit

Exploring the beauty of bonus offers

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Try social casino gaming at WOW Vegas
WOW Vegas mobile casino play
Mobile social casino at WOW Vegas

Why are bonuses so attractive anyway? You’ll find them in action across lots of casinos online, and that does include sweepstakes casinos like Wow Vegas, too. If you want to get more information about the site, our Wow Vegas review is just the place to head for to get the details. Sites like these create bonuses to get the attention of those who might want to sign up and play there. With a sweepstakes and social casino like this, the task is to make sure would-be players understand the model in use, and to understand they can receive their own unique in-house currencies to play with. We’ll go into those in more detail in a bit.

For now, let’s just lay out the facts of the Wow Vegas sweepstake casino bonus you’ll receive when you sign up there. You’ll get two components rolled into the one deal:

  1. 250,000 Wow Coins (these are the same as the Gold Coins you’ll commonly see at other social casinos; they’ve just had a facelift to suit the branding at Wow Vegas)
  2. 35 Sweepstake Coins (if you play the games using Sweeps Coins, you’re accessing the sweepstakes part of the site; you can then convert any Sweeps Coins winnings into actual cash prizes later, subject to their rules)
  3. First purchase discount of 66% on 1.75 million WOW Coins
Social Casino Bonus
Welcome Bonus
1.75 million WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweepstake Coins
Min. Deposit: $9.99
Cashable: Yes
Odd: -
Get Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

Here’s how to use your first Wow Vegas bonus

Getting the signup bonus is pretty simple, as you’ll see here. Of course, you should look around the site a little first – you can get a real sense of what’s in store just from the landing page. It’s clearly been designed to give you the info you need before you join. There’s a basic three-step process to creating an account, and it is this that will put you on the path to grabbing your first bonus. You then need to fill in your profile inside your account to be able to access the full bonus as we mentioned above – the 250,000 Wow Coins for diving into some social gaming, and the first Sweeps Coin to save for later.

Since you only get 35 Sweepstake Coins, it makes sense to use your Wow Coins first. They are purely for entertainment and don’t offer any way of winning actual prizes. However, you can use them to play some of the available slots at Wow Vegas, and there are over 800 of those (and counting).

Before we move on to cover other tips and advice relating to the Wow Vegas sweepstake casino bonus, we should say that terms and conditions for such offers can change like the wind. This applies to all real money sweepstakes and social casino sites online today. For that reason alone, we’d suggest going through the terms before you think about joining, no matter how exciting the site looks. It has plenty going for it, and the terms are fair and clear, but they’re good to read through nonetheless.

5 tips to make sure you get more from your Wow Vegas bonus

We’ve evaluated every aspect of your first bonus at Wow Vegas. This means we’ve got some tips that will help you understand it better – and therefore get plenty more out of it to get you off to the best start.

1. Confirm that you are qualified to claim the Wow Vegas sweepstake casino bonus first

This is hugely important. While residents of most US states are able to access the site and play there, this doesn’t apply everywhere. Different states have their own regulations regarding sweepstakes casinos and similar events or sites. Our research indicates that players who live in Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and Michigan unfortunately cannot use Wow Vegas. The laws in Washington never allow for this, but all other states can occasionally be a bit murkier on the rules, depending on which sweepstakes casino you check out. At Wow Vegas though, you can only pick up your Wow Vegas sweepstakes casino bonus if you live in one of the other 46 available US states not mentioned in the above list.

2. Double-check you have entered all info correctly on the signup form

This process leads to your welcome offer as detailed in this article, so it’s important to get it right. If you later play with Sweeps Coins and win some more of them, you can choose to redeem some for a cash prize. This requires you to verify your identity – and this step is always faster and easier to complete if you’ve already correctly filled in the signup form. It may cause delays if you’ve got anything mixed up there – even if it’s only a typo.

3. Fill in all areas of your profile to unlock your coins

This applies to both parts of your Wow Vegas bonus and not just to the Wow Coins for social casino play. This profile section doesn’t appear until you’re inside the site, so it’s separate from the signup process you’ll go through to get that far. You can look around for a while first if you like though – we did as it gives you a sense of the site from the inside, and you can see the wealth of games you can play once you become more familiar with everything. However, once you’re all set to choose a game to play, it’s time to fill in that profile before you get underway.

4. Don’t use the Wow Vegas sweepstake casino bonus until you have explored the site in more detail

Once you’ve sorted that profile, you can see what you make of the various games on the website. You’ll see that they’re all about slot games rather than covering other casino game areas. There are no table games, video poker, or similar titles anywhere. You do, however, get plenty of slots to play, with games using the Megaways format and others with Hold and Spin features too. This means there is way more diversity in the lobby than you might have expected given the slant on slot games.

While you might want to get underway and start using some of your Wow Coins to play with, it’s good to compare some titles first. If you choose two or three that look good, you can access the games and see what you think. This also gives you the chance to see how many Wow Coins (or indeed Sweeps Coins, for later use) you need to use per spin of the reels. There’s often quite a difference between games, and even between the minimums and maximums on each individual game.

5. Start following Wow Vegas on Facebook too

While this isn’t directly related to your welcome bonus, it is the ideal next move to make once you’ve signed up to the site – and it opens the way to grabbing many more bonus opportunities. You’ll have your Wow Vegas bonus, of course, but they have created an active Facebook community of fans – and they regularly update their page there, too. Best of all, that page often contains competitions, giveaways, and other bonuses. These have large crops of Wow Coins to be won, along with smaller amounts of Sweeps Coins as well.

The page offers one of the best ways to stay in touch with the latest bonus news and chances to pick up yet more Coins of both types to use inside your account. Stay safe and don’t respond to any other posters there – just follow the instructions given by Wow Vegas for entering any of their competitions inside Facebook.

Any questions? We have 5 relating to this Wow Vegas bonus - plus the answers

This bonus looks promising on the surface, but as always, we like to drill deeper than many other review sites online. In doing so, we often uncover a few facts or features about bonuses that can help you get more out of using them. We know you likely have a few questions about the bonus, so let’s give you some answers to those below.

1. Do I need to bother completing the info in my profile?

You do, yes. The site is set up to ensure that while you can see your Wow Coins at the top of the site – all 250,000 of them to start with – you can’t use them or access any games until you have filled in your profile. This might be slightly annoying, but it will save you time later.

You also need to ensure every part of that profile has been completed if you intend to switch over to the Sweeps Coins at any point. Playing with those will mean that anything won is also given to you in Sweeps Coins – and those are the ones you can redeem for a real prize later, should you receive enough of them from your gameplay to do so.

2. How far will my Wow Coins go when playing the games?

It varies according to the games you decide to play with your Wow Vegas bonus. Even though the site only has slots to try, they vary widely in terms of the number of coins of either type you would need to use when spinning the reels. Fortunately, you can check this first. The rule of thumb is this – the more Wow Coins you play on a spin, the bigger any winning outcome of that spin will be.

So, if you spin with 10 Wow Coins in play and you scoop a prize worth 10x your bet, you’ll receive 100 Wow Coins in return. If a game lets you play with 5 Wow Coins at the minimum on each spin, you would receive 50 back in that same scenario.

Of course, playing with fewer Wow Coins each spin means they will go a lot further, so you need to weigh this up against the potential to collect more Wow Coins from your gameplay.

3. Can I use my Sweeps Coin immediately?

It’s unlikely because many of the games require more than one coin of either sort to spin the reels. We weren’t able to check all 800+ games, of course, so there could be an exception to this, but the ones we did check had 10 or more coins required per spin – regardless of whether you are using Wow Coins or Sweeps Coins. This means you need to search for ways to collect more Sweeps Coins first, which you might be able to do via daily logins, social media events, and other methods along the way.

4. Should I use a Wow Vegas promo code to receive this bonus offer?

It’s not uncommon to spot some sweeps casino promo codes online when you are reading information about sites like Wow Vegas. However, it doesn’t mean you will always need these codes. We’d advise you to familiarize yourself with any offers here at, as there’s a chance that we might source some exclusive deals for you at some point.

In this case, there is no Wow Vegas bonus code for you to use to be able to access the offer we’ve covered in this article. You might want to look for such codes or coupons in future though because this does make it easier for you to spot any limited offers that may only be available for a certain time.

5. Is there a limit to how many games I can play with the Wow Coins or Sweeps Coins?

No – you can play any of the available games at Wow Vegas just now. Once you become a member, the entire games lobby opens to you. You’ve currently got around 800 games to play, although that collection will likely have grown since we wrote this. They do still provide you with a few categories of slots to explore, covering different slot types such as popular games and classics.

Check out the Star System rewards program too

When Wow Vegas first got underway online, it had the Wow Vegas bonus, but didn’t provide its players with a rewards program. That has changed though, as you’ll see when you first spot the Star System. This opens its doors to you when you sign up too, so there are no complicated requirements to meet to get going with this. As you might guess from the name of the system, the points involved with it are known as Stars. The challenge is to collect enough Stars at Wow Vegas to be able to reach the next level of the program – and there are six of those to aim for.

Everyone starts at the base level of Rising Star. There are no real benefits to this level, so you need to aim for the next one up to see any perks – and that’s the Blue Star level. It looks rather challenging to go through the levels too, as you need to use 50 Sweeps Coins on the games to get one Star. Yep, the program revolves around Sweeps Coins usage rather than Wow Coins usage, so if you only rarely use the Sweeps Coins, you may not reach the second level for a long time (if ever). If you do get to the Blue Star level, you can expect a daily login reward of both Wow Coins and Sweeps Coins to add to your balance.

It’s a solid enough program, although we can’t imagine how long it would take to get to the top Hosted VIP level. It’s a nice addition, certainly, but many players aren’t likely to go further than the Blue Star starting point. Of course, we know of other sweep coin casino websites that don’t have any kind of VIP or loyalty program at all, so Wow Vegas is one up on those.

Wow Vegas Social Casino Bonus

What’s the deal with the Wow Vegas sweepstake casino bonus?

wow vegas slots
WOW Vegas social casino slot games
wow vegas casino games
Social casino games at WOW Vegas

Let’s lay out the facts first, so you can see what’s involved should you decide this is the sweepstakes casino you’d like to play at. Joining Wow Vegas is simple enough and takes only a few moments. When you create your account, you’ll receive 150,000 Wow Coins. Then over the next 2 days you can expect to recieve another 100,000 WOW Coins provided you have filled in all the relevant details. These are their version of Gold Coins, and they’re used only for casual gameplay. This means you’re not playing for anything other than pure entertainment.

You will also receive 35 Sweepstake Coin. Sweepstake Coins are intended for you to use to play the same games as you do with Wow Coins. However, any winnings you bring into your account from playing with Sweeps Coins can be redeemed at a later stage, providing you meet the minimum amount for doing so. Redeeming played Sweeps Coins means you can receive real prizes.

Breaking it down: How does the Wow Vegas bonus actually work?

When you arrive at Wow Vegas, you can learn plenty about the site on that first page you see. If that proves to be enough to inspire you to join in the fun, you can do so by creating an account. This doesn’t take long, and once you’ve completed the process and got into the website proper, you will see what looks like a blue casino chip at the top of the page. This has a W in the center of it – and that stands for Wow. You should also see 150,000 next to it, confirming that you’ve got the first 150,000 Wow Coins in your account. In contrast, when you see your first Sweeps Coins as part of the welcome offer, this is gold with SC inside it, although it still looks like a casino chip.

Are there any bonus withdrawal terms to be aware of?

There are no withdrawals to make from Wow Vegas because it works as a sweepstakes casino rather than a regular one. You’re able to purchase additional Wow Coins for casual gaming if you want to, but you cannot purchase anything that might lead to real prizes. Sweeps Coins aren’t available for purchase, otherwise they’d fall foul of sweepstakes rules across many US states.

However, as we already covered above, you can collect as many Sweeps Coins as possible over time until you have a good crop to play with. If you use these to play, you can try and amass more of them via the games on the site. If you manage this, winnings from the Sweeps Coins can be redeemed later. All you need to do is to gather enough Sweeps Coins via playing the games at Wow Vegas to convert to real prizes as per their guidance.

Is there anything about this Wow Vegas bonus that might trip you up?

While most Americans can sign up for and use Wow Vegas, there are some who won’t be able to. We can save you a little time here by listing the states that won’t permit you to join the site at the time of writing:

  • Washington
  • Michigan
  • Idaho
  • Nevada

Make sure you go through the rules and small print for the site prior to signing up too. We regularly update these reviews, but you still never know when the info there might change, even if only a little.

The other point to note here is that you won’t get access to your Wow Coins until you have filled in the required details in your user profile. You’ll see a banner message to this effect at the top of the page once you’ve created your account and logged in. Once you’ve got your profile sorted, you can get on with checking out some of the games.

Does this Wow Vegas sweepstake casino bonus score highly?

We believe it does. You get a huge batch of Wow Coins to get things underway in the social casino. Those are great for experimenting with some of the games and seeing what you make of them. You also get a 35 Sweepstake Coins to start you off with those. You can’t put those to good use until you pick up a few more, but it’s a good starting point. You’ll also get into the swing of checking for ways of collecting more Sweeps Coins, since they’re never available for purchase.

The trick is in remembering to complete that profile when you sign up. It doesn’t take long and only requires details including your full name and address. Once you’ve done this, you’ll find it faster to go through with a prize redemption later, should you scoop enough Sweeps Coins during play to do so. All told, the Wow Vegas bonus certainly has plenty of pop to it.

Wow Vegas
Social Casino Bonus
1.75 million WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweepstake Coins
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now

Is the Wow Vegas bonus one that’s worth having?

We can give you one word for this – yes. Although the games never go beyond the slot game format, there are hundreds of those to contend with. You’ve got big titles from players like Betsoft too, so there’s a lot to appreciate. Your Wow Vegas bonus makes for a generous start, and as you also know by now, there are numerous other ways to make sure you can pick up further Wow Coins and Sweeps Coins to add to your account.

Wow Vegas
Social Casino Bonus
1.75 million WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweepstake Coins
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now

FAQs focusing on the Wow Vegas bonus

❓ Does Wow Vegas pay out?

It doesn’t work in an identical manner to regular casinos, no. You can choose to play with Sweeps Coins once you have some, and any winnings you receive from those can later be redeemed for actual prizes, providing you meet the terms for doing so.

🤔 Can I join an online sweepstakes casino?

It depends where you live. They tend to be restricted only to the US and parts of Canada. Washington does not allow its residents to participate in sweepstakes, so you need to check individual sites to see whether your state is welcome there.

🥇 Can I use any Wow Vegas coupon codes?

It’s possible – you can get the latest information about Wow Vegas bonus deals at, including any news about codes or deals relating to this or any other sweepstakes casino.

💲 How do I get hold of Wow Vegas Sweeps Coins?

There are several ways to do this, starting by signing up to play there. You can look for other ways to pick them up too, but you can never purchase any of them, so keep this in mind.

📱 Is it worth following Wow Vegas on Facebook?

Definitely – they regularly offer giveaways for Wow Coins and Sweeps Coins on there. You can enter those to see whether you can win any of the bundles on offer. They’re great for boosting the Wow Coins and Sweeps Coins you have in your account, giving you something different to a standard Wow Vegas bonus.

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