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Sweeptastic Promo Code & Bonuses for 2024

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 26.05.2024

There’s nothing better than a Sweeptastic bonus to get things moving at this social and sweeps casino. There’s 1,000 Lucky Coins ready when you sign up and log in. You can do this via email or via your Facebook account.

Furthermore, you’ll get 4 Sweeps Coins to start you off when you complete your profile. Enjoy over 1,000 games – and counting – at this totally ‘sweeptastic’ site. Get the bonus facts you need below before claiming your offer.

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Sweeptastic Social Casino Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Diners Club
Bonus Type
Welcome Bonus
Min. Deposit

Understanding more about bonuses

Sweeptastic lucky coins
Get lucky coins with Sweeptastic
Sweeptastic daily logins
Sweeptastic daily login rewards

Why are bonuses such a big deal anyway? We all chase after them because they give us a great start on our chosen site, no matter where we sign up. This applies to sweepstakes casinos like Sweeptastic too. The Sweeptastic bonus is generous enough to allow you to try several of those games without running out of Lucky Coins. And since this is a sweepstakes casino, the bonus also gives you a few Sweeps Coins to start off with.

Moreover, sweeps casinos do not work with deposits or withdrawals as regular casinos do. This means you can join for free and receive the whole welcome offer without spending any money. While you can elect to purchase more Lucky Coins later if you like, this is never a requirement. You can use the site without charge for however long you like.

So, what’s in the bonus? Well, the best sweep coin casino is going to include some of both coin types available on the site, and we can see this is true with the Sweeptastic bonus. They drop 10,000 Lucky Coins into your account upon signup and login, followed by 4 Sweeps Coins and 20,000 LC when your profile is complete. It’s a great offer for starters, don’t you think?

Social Casino Bonus
Welcome Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
Min. Deposit: -
Cashable: Yes
Odd: -
Get Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

Examining the inner workings of the Sweeptastic bonus

There are two parts to the offer, so here’s what you can expect:

  1. Create your account and you will get 10,000 Lucky Coins to begin with when you log in
  2. The next step is to fill in your info in the profile section – this releases another 4 Sweeps Coins (the Sweeps Coins are for use on any game where you want to try and win more Sweeps Coins) and 20,000 LC.

Only Sweeps Coins winnings are redeemable later for real prizes, so tuck those first four SC away and see how many others you can find before using any. Keep track of Sweeptastic on social media to be alerted to giveaways and competitions to stand a chance of winning some more. If you’re just hearing about Sweeptastic for the first time, you’ve probably got some questions about how it all works and what to expect from the site as a whole. If so, the full Sweeptastic review at is ideal to read to get a better sense of what to expect.

As always, we’ve spent time reviewing every portion of the site before bringing you this review of the Sweeptastic bonus. You should still take some time to read the details about the offer – and indeed about the site as a whole – before joining and claiming it though. Terms do sometimes change, whether in a major or minor way, so it’s great practice to be aware of what’s happening before you sign up.

Get more from your Sweeptastic bonus using these 5 tips

You can tell that the introductory offer for Sweeptastic is about as good as you can ever hope to see. Can it really get better if you follow our tips? Absolutely – so get comfy and let’s go through some tips here to make sure you can get every benefit from this opening Sweeptastic bonus offer.

Know the difference between the two in-house coins they use

Plenty of sweepstakes casinos use Gold Coins, but Sweeptastic has switched up the name to provide you with Lucky Coins instead. They work just the same as Gold Coins though, so there are a few things to remember before you get underway with some gaming.

First, you cannot exchange them for Sweeps Coins. The two work independently of each other. Play a game with Lucky Coins and you might win more Lucky Coins to keep you playing for longer. Second, those Lucky Coins have no real value. They remain inside your account and cannot be redeemed for anything else.

If you want a chance of real world prizes, you need to use Sweeps Coins to play the games to try and win more of those. Sweeps Coins winnings are the ones that you can redeem later, providing you have enough to do so (100 SC or more, played according to the current sweepstakes rules).

Take the time to complete your profile before you start playing

You’ll receive a cool batch of 10,000 Lucky Coins when you sign up and login to play. Yet this is only part one of your Sweeptastic bonus. It gets better, as we know. You can pick up 4 Sweeps Coins to play with by filling in your profile. When we last checked, you had one month to do this before that offer expired. Be sure you do it ASAP so you don’t forget about it, as it’s an easy way to collect another stash of coins to use. You’ll also be assured of getting your first 4 Sweeps Coins if you do this.

Choose games that take lower coin quantities to play

With hundreds of games on offer, your Sweeptastic bonus is going to go way further than you’d think. Yet with so many games to choose from, some are going to require higher numbers of Lucky Coins to play them. The same applies with Sweeps Coins.

It’s best to go with games that have lower minimums to play them, as they’ll help you get many more spins out of your stash. It could be the difference between having 10 spins of a slot or 50 – and the latter would give you five times as many chances to get more coins in return if you get a couple of fortunate spins of the reels.

Use your Lucky Coins to find games you’d like to play with Sweeps Coins

Chances are it will be a while before you find enough Sweeps Coins to make it worth playing games with them. You’ll probably need a few to make a single spin on a slot, depending on the game you choose, of course. By starting with some Lucky Coins from your Sweeptastic bonus, you can get a feel for which titles you enjoy most. You’ll also see where your Sweeps Coins will last longer.

For example, a game where you can play 10 SC per spin is going to make any stash you’ve got last longer than a game asking for 20 SC per spin. This would double the spins you’d get out of your Sweeps Coins, doubling the chances of bringing in some you can later redeem for real prizes.

Double-check for a valid promo code

The opening offer for this Sweeptastic bonus does not come with a code, so you don’t need to worry about entering one somewhere along the way. However, there are occasions when they might release a coupon code that will enhance the value of a bonus like this. So, get your good habits rolling from the start – review all the sources you can for a chance of codes that might help in future. is a good starting point for this, as we display all kinds of bonus offers here whenever we have them ready for you to use.

Resolving your top 5 questions about the Sweeptastic bonus

Sweeptastic has a huge help section that answers a lot of queries players usually have about the site. It may well resolve anything you’d like to ask, too. We’ve compiled five of the hottest questions people tend to have concerning the bonus, so if you still have a few things you’re pondering, the answers are likely to appear below.

1. What happens if I forget to complete my profile?

You don’t get your Sweeps Coins until you complete your profile, so if you forget to do it, you could miss out on getting those. The site did have a one-month limit on getting your info into your profile, so it is best to tackle that straightaway, so it doesn’t get forgotten. You’re unlikely to be able to claim the second part of the offer if you don’t do this.

2. Can I cash in the Sweeps Coins whenever I want to?

No. While the Sweeps Coins are each worth $1 US, you can only redeem Sweeps Coins you’ve won while playing games using SC to start with. The best course of action is to save the four Sweeps Coins you receive as part of your Sweeptastic bonus, so you can use them later once you’ve got a few more.

This will give you several spins on a slot (or a few more spins or a roulette wheel or attempts on another game), so you’ve got more opportunities to try and rake in some more Sweeps Coins while you’re playing with them. You then need at least 100 SC you’ve gleaned from playing the games to be able to request a redemption for a real prize.

3. Can I change some of my Lucky Coins into more Sweeps Coins?

No – these two types of coins are always separate from each other. They’re marked with the letters SC or LC, so you can easily tell them apart. Sweepstakes laws are strict about the way such sites can operate. You are not required to purchase anything, and you cannot ever purchase any Sweeps Coins.

You may receive some as a freebie if you do purchase further batches of Lucky Coins, but you never need to do this. To this end, you cannot convert Lucky Coins into Sweeps Coins at any stage. The same works in reverse too, so it’s best to make sure you understand this fully before you begin.

Anything won while using Lucky Coins will simply bring you more of those same coins to continue playing with. You can use Sweeptastic as a social casino or access the sweepstakes if you wish, if you have enough Sweeps Coins to do so. There are several ways to get those coins, but exchanging Lucky Coins to get them is not possible.

4. I live in one of the prohibited US states – can I still claim this Sweeptastic bonus?

Unfortunately, no. There is just one state that expressly prohibits sweepstakes casinos and similar sites, and that’s Washington. However, the small print at Sweeptastic also confirms that it does not accept players signing up from Nevada, Idaho, and Michigan. We’ve noted exceptions like these at a few other sweepstakes casinos online as well.

There’s no getting around it either. You will need to verify your identity at some stage, and your details must match those on your state ID. So, if you are in one of these four states, you won’t be able to secure the bonus or sign up to use the site.

5. Should I search for a Sweeptastic bonus code to get this offer?

Bonus codes do crop up a lot when you’re looking for offers to claim across all the casinos that appear online – and this does apply to sweepstakes casinos too. It’s true that every sweepstake casino promo code you find reveals access to a specific offer.

Here, though, the welcome bonus for this social casino is triggered merely by you opening an account. You do not need to do anything else to secure the various parts of this offer. You’ll need to continue on and get your profile filled in to unlock the next part of the Sweeptastic bonus, as we’ve seen, but at no point will you need to worry about using a bonus code.

The gift in the menu reveals your loyalty program access

Could this be another Sweeptastic bonus worth learning more about? It certainly could. That gift points you toward the loyalty program, where you can begin earning points when you play the games at the social casino. You begin on Level 1, as you might guess, and you do so when you sign up, as the points range for that level goes from zero to 1,000 points. You then get to progress through assorted other levels, to see whether you can get as far as Level 22 – top of the pile at the time of writing.

Each level allows you to earn points in different ways. To begin with, you just need to play games, as you’ll receive one point for each spin on a slot game. Other levels give points for purchases or for playing specific games, perhaps from a named developer. This means it is always wise to check the requirements for each, so you’ll know how best to reach the next stage in your loyalty program journey. Any level with a gift logo next to it on that page will bring you a completion reward, so be alert for those to see what you might get.

It’s a great program and adds another feature to your participation at Sweeptastic. Even if you don’t want to play any sweepstakes with real money prizes there, the loyalty program makes things more exciting for social gaming too. It’s a great way to compete with friends on social media… Who can reach the next level the fastest? The program is ideal for introducing a more sociable side to things.

Sweeptastic Social Casino Bonus

Social casino bonus

Sweeptastic redeem prizes
Play for free and win real prizes
Sweeptastic casino games
Play top casino games at Sweeptastic
A twofold Sweeptastic bonus to start you off

Sweeptastic looks like a welcoming site from the start, and we can confirm it’s true with some details about their welcome offer. When you sign up for an account and login, you’ll find 1,000 Lucky Coins dropped into it to start with. They use Lucky Coins instead of Gold Coins, but the two work identically, so if you’re used to having Gold Coins at one or more other social casinos, you’ll soon get the hang of using the Lucky Coins at Sweeptastic.

When you complete your profile upon logging in, you’ll get 4 Sweeps Coins. These two offers comprise the second part of the welcome offer at the social and sweepstakes casino.

Our reality test: Does this Sweeptastic bonus give you a promising start?

Absolutely – it’s one of the larger bonuses we’ve seen of this type, and it does encourage you to get that profile filled in and complete before you settle in and play any of the games. Sweeps Coins are tricky to come by since you can’t purchase any, so picking up four for starters is a great way to get that balance going. Check the coins you will see on the site – the Lucky Coins have LC on them, whereas the Sweeps Coins have SC instead. All quite easy to understand – just be sure to check which of them you’ve chosen to use before you start playing any games.

Your Lucky Coins are playable on all the games at Sweeptastic, with over 1,000 of those to choose from. They cannot be converted to real money; you can only win more Lucky Coins to play with to prolong the entertainment. Sweeps Coins allow you to try and get some Sweeps Coins winnings from the games. If you can do this, you’re able to redeem those Sweeps Coins later for real prizes once you’ve racked up enough to make it happen.

Are there any redemption terms to note for your Sweeptastic bonus?

First, each Sweeps Coin is worth $1 US dollar. You must redeem at least 100 Sweeps Coins at one time. If you have fewer than this, you’ll need to wait until you’ve won enough from gameplay to redeem them. You cannot redeem Sweeps Coins that you haven’t played with either. So, let’s see how this works – you’re getting four SC as part of this bonus. However, according to the sweepstakes rules, you can’t then collect another 96 and request a redemption from the site.

You must play your Sweeps Coins first, so you can only redeem those that have been played on the games and led to some winnings. If you collected, say, 25 SC and received 100 SC from playing a slot game, you could then request to redeem those, as you’d received them from playing at Sweeptastic rather than via other means. It’s crucial to get this distinction straight in your mind.

What about pitfalls? Should you be aware of any?

Sweeptastic is open to most people throughout the United States – with a few exceptions. They do not accept players who live in the states of Washington, Nevada, Idaho, or Michigan. If you live in any of the other 46 states, you’re fine to sign up.

It’s also essential to get the difference between the two coins clear in your mind. Lucky Coins are only for social gaming on the site. It’s only the Sweeps Coins that give you a chance to amass winnings from using those coins that you can later redeem for actual prizes.

As such, you won’t find any information about deposits or withdrawals as you would on a standard casino, since Sweeptastic uses that sweepstakes format instead. And if you decide you’d simply like to enjoy it as a social casino, that’s cool too.

What do we think about this Sweeptastic bonus?

Sweeptastic is a cool name and we can certainly say this bonus ranks as a ‘sweeptastic’ one to claim. Top tip here is to complete that profile once you’ve logged in, even if you take some time to look around and check out the games first.

You’ve got hundreds of slots to play with your SC and LC, along with a handful of video poker titles, roulette, and card games. They’ve even added some original titles to their roster. Grab that welcome offer for starters and you’ll have plenty of Lucky Coins to get you underway.

Social Casino Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now

Secure your first Sweeptastic bonus and get underway today

The bonus we’ve covered in this report is unlikely to be the last you’ll see at Sweeptastic. However, it certainly does pack a punch for getting plenty of Lucky Coins into your account. Other similar sites often only give you one or two Sweeps Coins for starters too, so to get four at Sweeptastic is another fantastic thing to remember.

There are lots of ways to enjoy yourself there, with endless slots from BGaming, GameArt, and many more. If you fancy a change, you can switch to some roulette or perhaps a card game. Whatever you do, those Lucky Coins from the welcome offer are there to make it easy to start playing at Sweeptastic.

Social Casino Bonus
Get 55,000 Lucky Coins and 34 Sweeps Coins with first purchase
T&Cs apply, 18+
Play Now

Check out our full Sweeptastic bonus FAQ here

🎁 Does Sweeptastic give daily bonuses?

Yes, at the time of writing, you can collect further Lucky Coins each day you log into your account. For other ways to get Lucky Coins and Sweeps Coins, you can read the latest info at

💰 Does Sweeptastic pay real money?

Sweeptastic is free to use and provides players with Lucky Coins to play the social casino games. There are Sweeps Coins available too (although not for purchase), so if you play with those and win more, you can convert some into a real prize later on.  Real prizes can be withdrawn using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, crypto or instant bank transfer.

🔎 Is Sweeptastic legit?

It’s relatively new on the block in the sweepstakes casino arena, but it has established itself as a firm favorite among fans. You can use it just as a social casino or collect Sweeps Coins to experience the sweepstakes aspect.

🎰 How many games can you play at Sweeptastic?

They’ve got 1,000+ games at present, but you’re likely to spot more new titles being added as well. They come from big game studios too, not least Betsoft and Pragmatic Play. Once you’ve joined, you can try as many as you wish.

👀 Is it easy to claim the Sweeptastic bonus for new members?

Yes, you can sign up and complete your profile to get the first bonus on the site. Be aware that other bonus options might crop up during your time there too, such as the daily login bonus. You just need to remember to log in each day to claim it.

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