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Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 14.05.2024

Thinking of registering with the cheeky duck-themed sweepstakes casino, Scrooge? If so, I’ve some epic news – first time players based in eligible US states can currently claim a generous welcome bonus.

In this guide, I’ll reveal everything you need to know about the latest Scrooge promo code offer – from how to activate your freebies, to which games it’s best to play them on. Plus, I’ll be checking to see if there’s any sneaky T&Cs you’ll need to look out for.

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Scrooge Casino Social Casino Bonus
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What are Scrooge promotions – and how do they work?

scrooge casino games
Scrooge Casino games
scrooge casino bonus
Scrooge Casino sign-up bonus

At their most basic level, bonus offers are simply special promotions that give gamers like you some free virtual currencies to play on Vegas-style slots and table games. I say “virtual” because Scrooge, the site I’m looking at here, is a sweepstakes casino, where all games are powered by digital, online-only currencies instead of USD.

Spoiler alert: Scrooge isn’t the first sweepstakes casino out there to offer a generous promotion. Bonuses are as old as iGaming itself, and sweepstakes platforms in particular – that offer free-to-play games on a no-purchase-necessary basis – are especially bonus-happy.

In their latest efforts to catch the eye of would-be new customers, Scrooge has decided to offer 2 million Gold Coins (GC) as part of their current bonus. You can also qualify for 250 Sweeps Tokens (ST), too – though it’s essential to know the differences between these two online currencies before you play.

How do you activate and use the Scrooge sign-up bonus?

I’m happy to say this is a simple bonus with a faff-free activation process – which is great, because not all sweepstakes casino promos are.

To claim this Scrooge no deposit bonus, you’ll need to be:

  • Aged 18 or above.
  • Based in any US state that’s not Arizona, Washington, Michigan, or Idaho.
  • Up-to-speed with the offer’s T&Cs – which should be double-checked before claiming, as they can sometimes change at the drop of a hat.

Think you fit the bill? If so, here’s how to claim and activate your bonus today:

Step 1From an eligible state and without using a VPN, pay the Scrooge website a visit.
Step 2Wait for the cartoon duck to appear on screen (no, really). He’ll verify your geo-location, then grant you access to the main homepage.
Step 3Hit the registration button, then wait for a contact form to appear. You wont need to enter a Scrooge promo code, but you will be expected to provide:

  • Your name.
  • Your DOB.
  • Your US address.
  • Your ID info.

And, of course, you’ll need to set-up a username and password.
Step 4Wait for Scrooge to run a few checks on your information. This shouldn’t take too long.
Step 5You’ll be redirected to the homepage. Log in with your new details, and your free GC and ST should already be there waiting for you.

Claiming couldn’t be any easier than that now, could it? But hold up. As with any bonus, T&Cs apply, and as I said before, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the differences between GC and ST before you play. Here’s what you should know:

GC are fun-only virtual coins. They can be purchased in packages if you need a boost, but have no cash value outside of Scrooge.

ST are Sweepstakes Coins. They can never be purchased outright, but ST winnings can be redeemed for real world prizes, once you’ve collected 10,000 or more.

How can you get the absolute max out of your promo code with Scrooge?

What I found when using this bonus for myself is that it’s used most effectively once you understand how GC and ST work. You can then use this knowledge to your advantage, as follows:

Play your GC first

You’re getting 2 million GC here versus just 250 ST. It makes total sense to play with your GC first, right? Particularly as these entertainment-only coins don’t have any value beyond the Scrooge platform.

Compare games to determine where’s best to play

Scrooge offers more than 150 different Vegas-style games – and you can use your free GC and ST from the Scrooge sign-up offer to play on any one of them. Is it worth shopping around? Definitely. Shark Frenzy and other slots run frequent multipliers and bonus rounds, while 3D Roulette has low limits if you’re keen to make your virtual currencies last longer.

Give yourself plenty of time to play through your ST

Before you can redeem your ST winnings for prizes, you’ll need to accumulate 10,000 of them. ST can only be collected via ST gameplay and bonuses, so a bit of strategizing is required here. It’s also worth noting that if you don’t play for 60 consecutive days at any point, your ST will expire.

Combine bonuses to boost your coins

Have a guess what I found out with a bit of digging around in the Scrooge bonus code T&Cs? It’s totally fine to use your sign-up promo in conjunction with other offers. Now, this is something I’d definitely recommend doing, as in theory, unlocking more free ST should help you reach that 10,000 ST goal a lot more quickly.

Keep track of your plays

Any bonus ST credited to you via this bonus, or any other Scrooge promotions, come with a 1x playthrough requirement. It’s totally on you to keep track of how many times you’ve played through each ST, so set-up a playthrough diary from day one, yeah?

What are some popular FAQs about the Scrooge bonus for US players?

The beauty of this bonus lies not only in its size, but in its relatively clear-cut T&Cs, too. Having said that, there are a few points I felt it’d be useful to clarify for you guys here. These are:

1. Can I play my bonus GC/ST at tournaments?

Yep. There’s nothing in the T&Cs to suggest you can’t, so I’d say eat your hearts out here. Be sure to follow Scrooge’s Facebook page to be the first to hear about the latest big leaderboard-based jackpots and events.

2. Is a Scrooge bonus code required to activate the offer?

Right now, no. It doesn’t matter which eligible US state you’re claiming from; you just need to be over 18 and follow the steps I outlined above to successfully unlock your bonus.

3. Can I swap my GC for ST?

Sadly, you cant. Any GC you are awarded by Scrooge can only be used for fun and entertainment on the Scrooge platform.

Can you claim any other promo codes with Scrooge?

I carried out several spot-checks on the Scrooge “Promotions” page, and was overjoyed to see that these guys offer plenty of different GC and ST reload promos aimed at existing players.

For example, there’s a daily login bonus that’ll automatically ping you some free GC and/or ST with each day’s first login – but keep an eye on your balance, as I found you won’t always be notified when your free coins are received.

If you were looking for a slightly more interactive bonus, head to the “Spin the Wheel” page, where you can bag even more free GC and ST by playing this ever-popular mini-game. GC and ST collected here will be added to your account automatically – you won’t have to worry about entering a Scrooge promo code or claiming them from the “Promotions” page.

There’s also a “Refer-a-Friend” offer, as well as special game tournaments frequently announced on the official Scrooge Facebook page. Sadly, though, there’s no loyalty program available at the time of writing.

Scrooge Casino Social Casino Bonus

More about Scrooge Social Casino Promo Code

scrooge casino coins
Scrooge Casino scrooge coins
scrooge casino free to play
Scrooge Casino free to play
Bonus intro

You wont need to enter a Scrooge promo code in 2024 to activate this brand’s latest and greatest bonus – a generous, two-in-one combo good for 2 million GC and 250 ST. This competitive offer comes with relatively few frustrating caveats attached, too, aside from a 1x playthrough requirement that affects all bonus ST coins.

Reality test - is it easy-to-claim?

You bet. As I explored earlier, it’s a simple case of creating a new customer account from an eligible region and verifying your age to unlock this bonus. There are no promo codes, no purchase requirements and, best of all, no off-limits games your free GC/ST can’t be played on.

Coins - how to redeem your ST

Unless you’re solely interested in fun gameplay, I’m guessing you guys are hoping to use this bonus to rack-up as many redeemable ST as possible, right? So, allow me to focus a little more on how ST prize redemptions work.

To redeem your ST winnings for prizes, just click the redemptions tab, and browse the prize options available, which range from gift vouchers to cash. A word of warning, though – you won’t be able to redeem your bonus ST until you’ve used them to play games at least once. You’ll also need a minimum ST balance of 10,000. Better get gaming, then…

What to watch out for when claiming Scrooge promotions

There are quite a few rules here to be mindful of, ST-wise, but when it comes to Gold Coins, you’ve pretty much got free rein to do whatever you want.

So, for ST, then – if you’re based in The Empire or Sunshine States, you’ll be limited to only being able to redeem a maximum of $5,000 in ST prizes daily. Conversely, players elsewhere in the US will need to grapple with a $10,000 cap. You also need to be aware that any ST you receive via other Scrooge bonuses will be subject to the same 1x playthrough requirement as this promotion’s ST are.

Quick verdict

Scrooge has really pulled a blinder with this offer – which ticks my favorite three boxes of being generous in size, painless to activate and easy-to-understand as far as T&Cs are concerned. Tread a little carefully when playing though your ST, and you’ll have an awesome time.

Bonus summary

Serving-up a delicious 2 million GC and 250 ST, Scrooge’s latest sign-up promo won’t leave even the highest of high rollers among you feeling hungry for more. Believe me.

Final takeaway – don’t get your GC and ST in a twist when claiming Scrooge promotions

Like the sound of that generous 2 million GC and ST bonus? I’ve been here and tested it for myself and believe me – it’s as good as you’d expect.

There are three things I love about this bonus. First, it’s ludicrously easy-to-claim. Second, it’s big – I mean, 2 million GC is really quite something. And third, the T&Cs are transparent and unconfusing; that 1x playthrough requirement affecting your 250 free ST being the only real thing you’ll need to worry about. Though of course, it is vital you don’t get your GC and ST mixed up when playing, either.

Scrooge promo code FAQ

🎁 Can I claim a Scrooge bonus from Idaho?

No, you can’t. Idaho currently ranks as one of just four US states where Scrooge is off-limits. Though Gem State gamers can potentially enjoy playing at some other, alternative sweepstakes casinos I recently reviewed here.

💰 What ‘s the cheapest GC package I can buy at Scrooge sweepstakes casino?

Scrooge sells several different GC packages – though you can play here for free if you want to, and are under no obligation to buy any of them. GC packages start from $5 for 500,000 GC – which will also land you a free 500 ST bonus.

🔒 Can the Scrooge sweepstakes casino be trusted?

Certainly. It’s a US-based sweepstakes casino with an impressive 4.7-star average on TrustPilot. It’s also totally SSL-secure, and you’re free to legally play there from 46 US states.

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