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Rebet Promo Code & Bonuses for 2024

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Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 24.05.2024

Looking for a Rebet promo code? Here’s some news – at the time of writing, you won’t need one to unlock the brand’s latest new customer bonus.

You see, upon registering with this super-hot social betting site, players in eligible US states can automatically qualify for 100 free Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash. Over the course of this guide, I’ll reveal how this ever-popular bonus works, how best to play through your virtual coins, and what other Rebet bonuses are currently up-for-grabs.

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Welcome promotion – the latest Rebet bonus for US players revealed

Rebet casino cash coins up for grabs
Enjoy playing on sweepstakes mode at Rebet

Rebet is what’s known in the biz as a “social betting” site – which is a bit of a mash-up between social/sweepstakes gaming and sports betting.

In my recent Rebet social betting guide, I explore this in more detail, but what you basically need to know is this – Rebet offers access to 60 different sports and 3,000+ individual markets and leagues, but all betting takes place using online-only currencies, which are known here as “Rebet Coins” and “Rebet Cash”.

Social betting sites like this one are accessible on a no purchase necessary basis, and will typically grant new customers a few free tokens to get them started, as is the case here.

Throughout this review, I’m going to be exploring the ins and outs of Rebet promotions – with a specific focus on their sign-up offer. At the time of writing, said offer is worth:

  • 100 free Rebet Coins – i.e., entertainment-only tokens that can be used for just-for-fun social betting purposes.
  • 1 free Rebet Cash – which is a virtual sweepstakes currency that has a prize-redeemable value at the site.

You can also potentially unlock an up to 100% extra Rebet Cash bonus on your first Rebet Coins purchase – though of course, buying coins is never actually a requirement at social betting sites.

Unlike Scratchful promo code offers and other bonuses I’ve talked about in separate guides recently, Rebet’s bonus doesn’t require an activation code at the time of writing. But as you’ll see in the next section, you will need to carefully follow a claims process to get your hands on it – and prove that you’re based in a Rebet-friendly US state.

How to claim and activate Rebet’s no deposit bonus

So, there’s 100 free Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash potentially on the table when you first register with the brand – but how do you get your hands on the goods?

Well, for starters you’ll need to be from one of 46 Rebet-eligible US states, which at the time of writing include anywhere that’s not Michigan, Idaho, Montana or Nevada. This is real important, as players based in these four off-limit regions won’t be able to register here; even if you guys are using a VPN.

Here’s a quick guide on what to do to unlock your bonus:

  1. Visit Rebet’s website from an iOS device and hit the “Download” button – this is essential, because the brand’s social betting services are only available via an iOS app right now.
  2. Punch in your name, address, and DOB. You’ll also need to enter an email and desired password to register. There is no Rebet bonus code requirement. Nice, eh?
  3. Once you’ve signed up, you should automatically be credited your free 100 Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash – though I’d advise against playing them through until you’ve ticked-off the next step…
  4. After registration, hit the “Verify” button to verify your account. To do this, you’ll need to upload evidence of a US ID from an eligible state, as well as your Social Security Number.
  5. Start playing your free Rebet Coins and Rebet Cash at social sports wagers. You can bet either directly, or against your friends via the brand’s “Peer-to-Peer” (P2P) betting feature.

Crank Rebet promotions up a few notches with these recommended tips

Once you’ve got your bonus, the world is pretty much your oyster at Rebet – because there are no restrictions on which sports markets you can and can’t use it to bet on.

That said, if you want to have the best possible time with your Rebet no deposit bonus (which I’m sure you do), then I’d strongly suggest keeping the following best practices in mind:

Don’t forget account verification

Now, I’ve had a dig around Rebet’s “Sweeps Rules” and “Terms of Use” for you – and they reveal that unless you complete the brand’s ID verification steps first, you won’t be able to play through your Rebet Cash or redeem any Rebet Cash for real-world prizes.

This is why in that last section, I suggested you guys should prioritize uploading your ID and Social Security Number before social betting here – getting verified is essential to enjoying the sweepstakes element of the app.

Make a purchase to boost your free coins

While traditional deposits and withdrawals aren’t supported by social betting sites like this one, a Rebet deposit-style offer is currently available here in addition to your sign-up bonus.

As I said previously, you can qualify for a 100% extra Rebet Cash bonus on your first Rebet Coins purchase. How this works is simple – the brand’s Rebet Coins purchase options always come with a few free Rebet Cash thrown in as a bonus, but first-time buyers can claim 100% more free Rebet Cash than usual. This is potentially a huge boost, because the standard Rebet sign-up bonus of course only qualifies you for 1 Rebet Cash at the time of writing.

Play at “Simplified Betting Lines” first

Rebet offers a whole bunch of different social betting options, but if you’re new to this kind of iGaming, the brand’s “Simplified Betting Lines” break conventional sportsbook odds down into “easy-to-read” lines.

This is a great feature for less-experienced social bettors, but if that’s not you, you’ll be happy to hear that parlays, spread bets and all the usual betting options are also available here.

Understand the Rebet Cash redemption T&Cs

Your Rebet promotion’s made up of two parts – 100 entertainment-only Rebet Coins and 1 prize-redeemable Rebet Cash. However, before you can redeem any Rebet Cash for prizes with the brand, a fair few caveats apply.

For example, I found that you’ll need to have played through any Rebet Cash you’ve collected at least once on the platform before the app will consider it “prize-redeemable”. You’ll also need to have a bare minimum of 10 RC in your account. So, be sure to keep these things in mind.

Try your hand at “P2P betting”

One of Rebet’s best and most unique features in my opinion is “P2P betting” – a special sportsbook mode that allows you to directly challenge your friends over certain wagers, like total points and bet spreads, for example.

This Rebet promo code offer doesn’t restrict you from using your bonus Rebet Coins and Rebet Cash on these kinds of bets, so be sure to try them out and find out what all the fuss is about for yourself. While you’re at it, you also have the facility to “Re-Bet” your buddies’ past wagers here with one-click if you’ve similar expectations about any upcoming games. Cool, right?

What are the most common FAQs I see about Rebet promotions?

Right, so now you guys know how to claim and activate your Rebet sign up offers, and what to keep in mind when playing through your free Rebet Coins and Rebet Cash, what’s next?

Well, I thought it’d be handy for me to include a section here on frequently-asked questions about the bonus, because believe me, I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately. Here’s what social betting lovers like yourselves keep asking:

1. Can I claim the Rebet promo code offer directly from the Rebet website?

In short, no. It’s a weird set-up, I know, but basically Rebet’s website exists only to provide information about what Rebet is and how it works. To actually enjoy the brand’s social betting features and claim your bonus, you’ll need to download their app – which can be located via direct download link on their website, or through Apple’s App store.

2. Can Android users get a Rebet bonus?

Unfortunately not. The Rebet promo code for 2024 is currently only available to iOS users via the brand’s iOS app. It’s a shame, I know, but all we can do for now is hope that either Rebet launches on Google Play soon, or that their website gets shaken-up so that Android users can enjoy playing from their browsers.

3. Do I have to upload my ID to claim Rebet promotions?

If you want to be able to play through your Rebet Cash and request prize redemptions, then yes. At the time of writing, Rebet has confirmed it’ll accept US driver’s licenses, passports and residence permits as part of their verification checks – which are carried out by a third party called Plaid. The latest T&Cs suggest validation of Social Security Numbers is also a requirement.

4. What should I do if my bonus doesn’t automatically appear in my account?

In situations such as these, I’d recommend reaching out to Rebet customer support. You can click the chat icon on their website and enter a few quick personal details to chat to someone directly, or you can email with your Rebet promo-code-related query. I’ve found they’ll usually get back to you within less than 48 hours.

5. Do I have to make a purchase to play?

Absolutely not. Rebet is available on a no purchase necessary basis, meaning you can claim your Rebet promotions and start playing here completely for free. Having said that, you will qualify for a 100% extra Rebet Cash bonus if you do decide to make a Rebet Coins purchase as a first-time customer.

Introducing existing customer rewards at Rebet – is there a loyalty program?

I couldn’t see any evidence of a VIP or loyalty program at Rebet when writing-up my reviews of the site and its bonuses. That said, there’s a lot of talk about Rebet no deposit bonus codes being unveiled via the site’s social media channels from time to time – so make sure you give these a follow. Sometimes, you might need to answer a trivia question or two, or repost some of Rebet’s content to qualify.

There are also a few more permanent promotions available right now via the app directly. These include:

Daily reload Rebet promotions

Rebet offers a “daily reload”-style bonus of the kind you might have seen before at social and sweepstakes casinos. It works a little differently, though – only customers whose account balance has dropped down to zero will qualify for free Rebet Cash daily. Under these circumstances, you’ll get a 1 Rebet Cash free boost once per day.

Buy-out bonus offers

While no purchases are necessary on the platform, you’ll qualify for a free Rebet Cash bonus here every single time you buy Rebet Coins – and with no Rebet promo code requirement, either.

From where I’m standing, this is definitely worth doing – particularly that first-time around, when you’ll qualify for an extra 100% Rebet Cash bonus over what’s available ordinarily.

“Free Mail-In Entry” bonuses

You can claim up to 3 free Rebet Cash with the brand by mailing a 3×5 postcard to their US address in New Hampshire. There’s a lot of rules regarding this Rebet promo code offer, though – so please make sure you’re 100% clear of what you need to do before you claim.

Your postcard must be handwritten, for example. It must also make clear mention of your registered email address and your physical US address.

Final takeaway – claim 100 free Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash when you register

So, right here, right now, US social betting aficionados can get 100 free Rebet Coins and 1 free Rebet Cash with this ever-popular brand. To do this, you won’t need to enter a Rebet promo code at any point, but you will have to meet a few important eligibility criteria – such as registering from a permitted US state, and uploading evidence of some appropriate ID documents to prove it.

It’s a fair deal, and certainly an offer worth considering if you live outside of Michigan, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana and love virtual-coin-powered sportsbooks. Why? Well, you can use your freebies to put down social bets on any sports market you like, or to bet head-to-head against your buddies. Just remember that you’ll need to play through that bonus 1 Rebet Cash at least once, and won’t be able to request a prize redemption until you’ve gotten your hands on 10 RC or more.

Rebet promo code FAQ

💰 What bonuses does Rebet have up-for-grabs right now?

At the time of writing, you can claim 100 free Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash with the brand just by registering and verifying your account. You can also collect freebies via “Mail-In” offers and social media promotions.

❓ Does Rebet Cash have an expiry date?

Any Rebet Cash you manage to get your hands on via social betting or Rebet promotions will only ever be valid for 365 days after your last login. Keep this in mind if you decide to take a break from the site at any point.

📱 Will Rebet launch on Android soon?

Right now, it’s hard to really say. The brand hasn’t made any announcements as such, and there aren’t really any rumors out there suggesting an Android launch is on the cards, either, though I for one would love to see Rebet branch out in this regard.

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