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Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 24.05.2024

There’s a lot of talk today about Punt – a fast-emerging sweeps casino that offers 500+ games. But does this up-and-coming brand offer a new customer bonus? And if so, do you need a Punt promo code to claim it?

Well, it’s kind of a “yes” and a “no”. Free Gold Coins (GC) and Sweepstakes Coins (SC) are widely available here, and without a bonus code requirement, but Punt’s flagship bonus isn’t just for first-timers. In this guide, I’ll reveal how to claim free coins with the brand. I’ll also share some gameplay tips and answer a few bonus-related FAQs.

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Punt Social Casino Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Punt promotions are pretty standard fare – here’s why…

Punt Social Casino
Enjoy a range of original games

Bonus offers are the bread and butter of sweepstakes casinos. Free-to-play gaming platforms that offer virtual coin-fueled games all operate on a “no purchase necessary” policy, which means they’ve basically no choice but to award you some free GC and SC – the two online coins usually they use – the second you sign-up.

Here’s a bit of info about how these two kinds of coins work at Punt:

Type of coinsWhat are they?What prizes can you exchange them for?Can you buy them outright if you run out?
Gold Coins (GC)Just-for-fun coins.None – they exist just for your entertainment.Yes - optionally.
Sweepstakes Coins (SC)Sweepstakes tournament-friendly coins with a real-world, prize-redeemable value.Cash, crypto, merch and other IRL prizes.No.

Now, bonus-wise, then, most brands will offer some kind of welcome package when you first sign-up, like the ClubWPT promo code I reviewed a week or so ago. But Punt does things a bit differently.

When you first land on Punt’s homepage as a newbie, you’ll see big white and electric-blue text inviting you to “Claim your free coins today”. What’s kept completely under wraps, though, is how many free GC and/or SC you can expect to get your hands on, how their sign-up offer works, or whether this is even a welcome bonus at all.

Mysterious, eh? But don’t worry. Because of course, I went ahead and created a new customer account for myself. And here’s what I found:

  • Punt’s approach to sign-up bonuses is a bit unconventional.
  • Instead of qualifying for a one-off promotion when you register with the brand, you can claim random amounts of free GC/SC once an hour, continuously, for as long as you decide to play here.
  • This essentially means that there are no Punt sign up offers – there are “Hourly Reloads” available to all players instead.

Allow me to explain how it all works…

Activate your hourly Punt promotions by doing this…

In a nutshell, then, there isn’t a traditional Punt sign up bonus available exclusively to new customers right now. Instead, new and existing gamers alike can claim free GC and SC reloads once an hour. How? Well, you can unlock yours by following these quick-and-easy steps…

If you’re a new player…

  1. Head to Punt’s US website.
  2. Look-out for the “Sign Up” button – which you’ll find in the top right-hand corner – then click it.
  3. A contact form will show up. Your next job is to fill-out all the necessary sections, and come-up with an original username and password.
  4. Tick the box at the bottom of the page to accept the T&Cs – note: if you live in Kentucky, Michigan, Idaho, or Washington you’re not currently eligible to play here…
  5. Use your new login details to sign in for the first-time, then head to your “Profile” page. From here, select “Verification”.
  6. You’ll need to verify your ID by uploading a photo of your US driver’s license, passport, or ID card. Punt will then authenticate these automatically within just a few minutes.
  7. Once you’ve been verified, head to the “Wallet” page and locate the “Hourly Bonus” tab.
  8. Finally, click the all-important “Hourly Bonus” button to receive a randomized number of GC and/or SC.

If you’re an existing customer…

For existing punters, the flagship Punt bonus for US players is, as I said previously, identical. So, simply log into your account, then follow Steps 7 and 8 from above to activate your bonus from the “Wallet” page.

A few T&Cs to watch out for…

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve played at Punt a thousand times before, I found that the same T&Cs apply. The site’s general bonus rules are listed in full on their “Terms and Conditions” page, but to be honest the main things you’ll want to watch out for, are:

  • Playthrough requirements – GC have none, but SC need to be played-through at least 3x before you can request a prize exchange.
  • State-level restrictions – as I said before, Kentucky, Michigan, Idaho, and Washington residents can’t currently play here. Sorry, guys.

Of course, it’s also worth keeping in mind that T&Cs at sweepstakes casinos like this one are rarely fixed. Edits could very well be made by Punt at any time – so don’t let your guard down and always keep the T&Cs tab open each time you log in to claim and play.

A few gameplay tips from me – here’s how to push your Punt no deposit bonus a step further

As you might expect, after claiming and playing through the bonus for myself, I learned one or two things. In this section, I’ve put together a few gameplay tips based on everything I know about Punt promotions at the time of writing. So, enjoy…

Sign in frequently to claim as many coins as possible

Let’s start out with the most obvious one. Your free GC and/or SC are available hourly – which means a sure-fire way to collect as many coins as possible is to remember to go back and claim again once every hour.

At the time of writing, the T&Cs state that you can only claim your bonus once in every 60-minute period. However, there’s nothing to suggest a cap or limit on how many times you can claim per day applies. Pretty great, huh?

Start out by playing GC

Here’s one that applies to any Punt no deposit bonus codes – and not just the “Hourly Bonus” offer. Punt operates on a two-tier coin system, as I described earlier, with GC being just-for-fun coins, and SC having a prize-redeemable value.

This means that by playing your GC first, you can get a better idea of which games are best before parting with any SC. This is important here, as I found that generally, the “Hourly Bonus” will award you more GC than SC each time you claim it. Sometimes, I only received as little as 0.10 SC when I activated the bonus myself.

Strategize by comparing game stats

Some games offer greater potential to claw back more coins. You can compare which games offer the best deals by looking-up the “Return to Player” or “RTP” percentages of different games offered by Punt.

Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus – two of Punt’s top-ranking titles at the time of writing – offer 96.49% and 96.50% RTP, respectively, which is a lot higher than average; hence their popularity. So, sticking to games like these as opposed to, say, Twilight Princess with its 94% RTP, will always be a good shout.

Stack up more SC by mailing Punt a postal request

There’s a whole world of other Punt promotions available with this operator in the US right now – one of which is fiendishly simple. By mailing a 6×4 postcard to Punt’s Texas address asking for a few free SC, you’ll be sent a special SC promo code by the platform.

Now, this is great because, as I said before, it’s common that the “Hourly Bonus” will predominantly grant you GC rather than SC, meaning the latter are often in short supply. But be sure to play by the rules – your postal request needs to be handwritten and sent unfolded and unlined in its envelope for you to qualify to receive your code.

Always play responsibly

The prospect of an “Hourly Bonus” is a real exciting one. I mean, you can potentially claim 24 helpings of free GC/SC in a single day here – which is insane.

But of course, it’s as important as ever not to get carried away with this Punt no deposit bonus offer. Having an overarching strategy and setting yourself sensible limits is always key to enjoying any sweepstakes casino to the max. And of course, if you activate too many bonuses at once or play through a ton of coins on different games simultaneously, it’s only too easy to lose sight of your game plan. So, be careful and play sensibly, yeah?

Frequently asked questions about Punt promotions in the US

Punt’s mysterious “Hourly Bonus” isn’t half as predictable as, say, recent ClubWPT no deposit bonus codes I’ve stumbled across, or’ latest new customer promotion.

As such, I’ve been contacted more than a few times by confused players seeking answers to the following all-too-common questions:

1. What happens if I try to claim the bonus more than once in an hour?

Put simply, the “Hourly Bonus” button won’t work. Each time you claim, a clock will reset on the bonus page – and you won’t be able to claim again for another 60-mins.

2. Can other bonuses be used in conjunction with this one?

Yes they can – and that’s exactly why I suggested sending out for your SC postal code in the last section. There are actually several other promotions available at Punt right now, more of which I’ll talk about in a bit.

3. Do players in some states need a Punt promo code?

No. As of now, the bonus is available to everybody code-free – unless you happen to live in one of the off-limits states I mentioned earlier, that is. Said states are Kentucky, Idaho, Michigan and Washington, just in case you needed reminding…

Here are some other Punt promotions to check out…

In addition to your “Hourly Bonus” there are several other offers you can currently claim in Punt-friendly US states. That said, I couldn’t see any evidence of a VIP or loyalty program on offer here right now.

For me, the cream of the crop of today’s hottest Punt promotions include the following offers:

Social media bonus codes

Like practically every other sweeps site, Punt is super-active on social media – meaning it’s always a good idea to give them a follow, as you never quite know when the next big Punt bonus code might drop.

They’re regular posters on X, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, but please watch out for imitators. The legit Punt social media accounts are all linked directly from the bottom of the brand’s homepage, though X specifically seems to be the best place to find out about Punt’s latest promotions.

Handwritten “Postal Request Code” bonus

I’ve mentioned this one already, I know, but you guys can get a Punt promo code in 2024 that can be redeemed for a few SC via your “Account” page by mailing a postal request to the brand’s Texas HQ.

Full T&Cs of the offer can be found on Punt’s “Sweeps Rules” page – and I’d suggest reading these thoroughly, as they can be a bit pernickety about things like whether or not you’ve folded your 6×4 postcard (hint: don’t).

Special sweepstakes tournaments

All sweeps sites run one-off tournaments on specially-selected games from time to time, and Punt is no different.

These guys offer a plethora of games from Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, and other great brands, and it’s not uncommon to see special offers promising large-value prize pools to leaderboard-toppers. X is again usually the best place to find out about these when they’re running.

GC bundle purchases

Punt is a “no purchase necessary” sweepstakes casino, but if ever you do decide to buy a GC bundle here, the operator will grant you a free SC bonus alongside your purchase. You can potentially claim up to 600 free SC a time by doing this (i.e., by buying the maximum 6,000,000 GC bonus for $600 USD, which comes with a 600 SC bonus).

Punt Social Casino Bonus

Punt Social Casino
Prizes range from merchandise to cash
Hourly Bonus intro

When you first sign-up with Punt, you won’t need a Punt promo code to grab yourself a sign-up bonus – though part of the reason for this is because the brand doesn’t really offer a new customer exclusive offer.

Instead, all players can claim an “Hourly Bonus” every single day once your account’s been verified. Here’s everything you need to know.

The claims process in-practice…

As I revealed earlier, getting your hands on those hourly freebies is minimum hassle, really – you’ll just need to head to the “Wallet” page and click the “Hourly Bonus” button each time the offer becomes available.

I found that after you’ve just claimed, the button will be grayed-out and inaccessible until another 60 minutes has passed. I also found that, while you’ll generally get several GC each time you claim, the brand isn’t always so generous with SC – meaning you might want to combine this with other SC bonuses…

Some notes on SC prize redemptions…

If you’re intending to put your Punt promotion’s free SC toward a prize redemption at a later date, you’ll need to play each one through at least 3x at eligible slots, tables, and scratch card games. This is a requirement that applies to all SC on the platform, not just those you’ve collected via a bonus, meaning SC winnings must be rolled over three times, too.

The SC prizes on offer at Punt range from merchandise to actual cash prizes, and you can click on the “Redemption” button whenever you feel like it to browse what’s available. That said, you will need to have at least 100 SC logged in your balance before you can take things a step further by actually claiming a prize redemption.

Potential downsides of the bonus…

If you’re claiming as a new player, Punt states on their T&Cs page that they “may” give you free SC on sign-up, so don’t expect guaranteed free SC the first time you activate your “Hourly Bonus”.

As I said before, I also found that usually, you’ll get a lot more GC than SC. For example, you might get 1,000 GC, but only 0.1 SC the first time you claim.

This is why I advise players to consider Postal Request Codes and optional GC purchase bonuses in tandem with this offer.

Is the Punt Promo code offer worth it?

Punt’s sign-up bonus isn’t really a sign-up bonus at all, then – but it is great to know you can qualify for free GC and/or SC hourly on this platform.

Of course, this set-up won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a frequent gamer who’s prepared to claim several times a day, I’d say this offer will suit you down to the ground. Just watch out for those playthrough requirements…

Final takeaway – enjoy hourly free GC/SC here with no Punt promo code needed

New to Punt? Been playing there for a while? As you’ve seen in this guide, it doesn’t matter – because all players from all eligible states can claim free GC and SC here once an hour by way of the brand’s excellent “Hourly Bonus”.

The offer for sure has it’s disadvantages – the fact it’s not a newbie-exclusive makes it feel a little less special than competitors’ welcome offers, for example. While I found in my own experiences that you’ll usually get a lot of GC when you come to claim, but not so many SC.

Having said that, it’s hard for me to complain too much about a bonus that’s available so darn frequently and with such an easy activation process. So, is this bonus worth it? Of course it is.

Punt promo code FAQ

❓ Is there a Punt deposit offer for new customers?

At the time of writing, I found all Punt players can claim free GC and/or SC once an hour on the platform. This offer has no deposit or purchase requirement.

🎁 How many SC do I need to collect to request a prize redemption at Punt?

You’ll need to have built-up a balance of at least 100 SC minimum before you can claim a prize redemption here – and you’ll also need to have played through any SC in your account at least 3x.

🔄 Are GC purchases at Punt ever refundable?

Unfortunately, no – all GC purchases are final. Though of course, you don’t have to make any purchases with the brand at all if you don’t want to.

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