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Soccer Betting Strategies: Learn How Best to Bet on Soccer in 2024

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Publish Date: 08.12.2023

As the world’s most popular sport, soccer is loved by spectators and bettors alike. Naturally, the best soccer betting strategies to make the most out of the hundreds of soccer sportsbooks out there are on demand.

Betting websites offer wagering options on your favourite soccer matches, from major events like the World Cup, Champions League, and regional tournaments. Within these competitions, you may wonder how to make informed bets. This article explains soccer bet types and their associated markets, factors which affect match outcomes, and top strategies for soccer betting.

Soccer Bet Types

Let’s explain the difference between various types of bets available in soccer matches and antepost soccer betting.

Singles Bets

A single bet contains one selection. An example is England to win versus Germany, which only needs one outcome to win. However, bookmakers also provide the facility to bet on several outcomes in one bet, hence the popularity of multiples.

Multiples Bets

A multiple bet has two or more selections, all of which need to win to produce a return. Here’s a breakdown of the various multiples to include in your best soccer betting strategies.

  • Double: A bet that contains two selections. Both need to win to see a return.
  • Treble: One bet with three selections. All three must win to return a winning bet.

As well as doubles and trebles, popular multiples bets include:

Type of BetBet NameNumber of SelectionsKey Information
AccumulatorFourfold4The minimum size of an accumulator bet.
Fivefold5An accumulator can contain more than five selections (sixfold, sevenfold, and higher)
Full Cover BetLucky 15415 separate bets from 4 selections: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, a fourfold accumulator.
Trixie34 separate bets from three selections: 3 doubles and 1 treble.
Yankee411 separate bets from 4 selections: 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 accumulator.

Antepost Bets

When betting on future events (antepost bets) such as league or competition winner, the following may be offered:

  • Each-way: One bet split into two halves. One bet to win and one bet to place (finish in the ‘places’).
  • Forecast: Predict the top two or three teams in the final standings.
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Soccer Betting Markets

Here’s an overview of the main markets available on individual soccer games. Understanding the subtle differences can help with your soccer betting strategies.

Match Odds

Also known as match winner or 1×2, this is betting on the match result. 1 denotes the home team to win, x is a draw, and 2 for an away team win. Place your selection in a single bet or as part of a multiple.

Over/Under Goals

For example, over 2.5 goals means betting for three or more goals to be scored in the game. The opposite applies for under 2.5 goals.

Correct Score

Bet on the match final score, such as 1-0, 1-1, and so on.

Goal Scorer

You can wager on which player will score the first goal in a match, to score anytime, score two or more goals, or score a hat-trick (three or more goals).

Both Teams to Score

Betting on either “Yes” or “No” for whether both teams score a goal.

Other Popular Bets

Other types of bets that you might see include:

  • Half-time/Full-time: Betting on the match result for half-time and the final whistle.
  • Handicaps: A bet on win margins. A wager on Liverpool -2 would need to win by three clear goals.
  • Bet Builders: This type of bet feature allows you to combine several selections into a unique bet.
  • Long-term outright betting: Popular examples of this bet include league winner, top goalscorer, and team to be relegated.

You may even see betting on the number of corners, cards, or free kicks awarded.

Data to Inform Your Soccer Betting Strategy

You want to find the optimum soccer sports betting strategy to match your wagering style. While some punters bet on a hunch, modern betting sites present lots of past and current data to help your betting decisions. From player and team statistics to the latest results, betting websites are packed with regularly updated information on factors which can influence a match result.

Data Factors to Consider

  • Team home and away form.
  • Player injuries and suspensions: the manager may change tactics.
  • Weather conditions suit different playing styles: wind, heat, cold, rain, snow.
  • A recent change of manager can bring increased effort from players.
  • New transfer signings might give the team a boost.

These are just some of the most common factors to account for, but in reality there is a multitude of information for soccer enthusiasts to digest depending on the angle you wish to bet from. In addition to the above ideas, if you are looking for hints to help make considered decisions, check out these handy betting tips for soccer.

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Best Soccer Betting Strategies: The Basics

Now you have some key data, what is the best soccer betting strategy? Before we delve into too many specifics, let’s take a look at the essential bits of smart soccer betting.

1. Decide Your Bankroll

Much like any form of online wagering, bankroll management is a sensible approach. Start by setting an overall amount you are willing to wager on soccer bets. Then split this figure across different bets to spread your risk, whether you choose to bet a percentage of your bankroll or a fixed amount per bet.

2. Check the Odds

The best soccer betting strategy often involves looking for the best prices between bookmakers. Bookmakers often show odds in fractions such as 4/1. But when you login to an online betting account, you can change the settings to display decimals odds. So 4/1 is 5.0 decimal, which allows you to see the potential return including stake.

3. Keep Track

You may want to keep a notebook or spreadsheet with records of each wager. By tracking your bet amount, odds, and outcome, this information can help to inform your future betting decisions.

4. Compare Offers

In a competitive sports betting marketplace, it can be worthwhile to compare each bookmaker’s selection of markets, promotions, and offers. If you want to place an accumulator, for example, keep an eye out for ACCA insurance offers which credit a free bet if one selection loses on five-fold or higher bets.

Even with the basics in mind, we understand that such a wide choice of markets, teams, and players to bet on can be overwhelming. The next step is to consider some more specific popular soccer betting strategies. Let’s touch on some ways of betting in hopes that you find the best soccer betting strategy for your personal goals.

Singles Betting

Betting on a single selection suggests confidence in your bet choice. Here you are backing one selection rather than multiple outcomes, which overall may be less stressful, especially for new punters.

Betting On Innovative Markets

With the rise of Request A Bets or bet builders, the odds are offered far in advance of a fixture. Then if a late team change occurs, this can throw up some interesting betting selections.

Bet at Your Own Pace with Pre-match

If you are weighing up whether to place a single or multiple bet, pre-match betting is about checking the data before a match kicks off. You can gather statistics, your personal preference for the odds, and then develop a coherent online betting strategy.

Choose Live Betting for Dynamic Action

In-play betting is an ever popular soccer betting strategy that might have more appeal if pre-match betting sounds limiting. Once a match starts, bookmakers constantly change their odds to reflect the action as it unfolds. Here is where you may find an edge, if the bookmaker odds seem overpriced compared to what you see in the real-time event.

Stats Based Betting

In terms of value betting, if you study betting data in detail, perhaps you can identify odds which seem higher than you believe they should be. The great thing about stats based betting is that you can use it alongside other techniques, like pre-match and live betting.

Use Cash Out

If your bet is in a winning position, the bookmaker may offer a “cash out” option whereby they pay out as a winner on the spot and you can take the winnings.

The best betting sites offer cash out as a central feature. Making a decision to cash out is a personal choice. Do you want to wait for the outcome? Or take some immediate winnings but sacrifice the overall potential return? This is a great option especially for those involved with in-play betting.

Final Thoughts: Soccer Betting Strategy

This article has described some of the best soccer betting strategies. We detailed the different types of soccer bets, various betting markets, information to give you an overview of what to look for in soccer betting, and a starting handful of potentially useful betting strategies.

Part of your betting experience is trying to modify and refine your strategies. Soccer is a challenging sport for players to confidently predict, so whether you are a recreational or more serious bettor, finding a strategy to meet your preferences is an adventure. Use this guide as a reference point, as you learn the best ways to bet on soccer.

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Soccer Betting Strategies FAQ

⚽ What strategy is best for soccer betting?

When betting on soccer, the optimal strategy is a personal choice. Some common techniques include betting on singles only, combining selections into a multiple bet such as an accumulator or lucky 15. Alternatively, request a bet or bet builders allow you to customise your bets.

✅ How do you beat bookmakers in soccer betting?

It is always challenging to identify an edge in soccer betting. To find good value odds, weigh up key factors involved in the match event and try to benchmark the value across different online betting sites.

🤑 What is the most profitable soccer betting strategy?

There is not a single definitive soccer betting strategy. Such is the unpredictable nature of soccer, you cannot pinpoint a particular method to win. Rather, the betting experience is about trying new techniques and seeing which suits you.

↔️ What is the 2 way market in soccer?

Also referred to as match odds, moneyline, match winner, or 1×2. This market features three possible outcomes: a home team to win, the game result to be a draw, or the away team to win the match.

💡 How do I find the best tips for soccer betting?

You can find betting tips from numerous sources such as betting sites, tipsters, reviews, and similar online sources. However, using up to date statistics and match data can also provide a good indicator of good value odds.

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