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Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament Odds: Picks and Predictions

Dave Kuzio
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Last Updated on 31.05.2024

With so much talent set to shine at Euro 2024, figuring out the Player of the Tournament could seem to be a daunting task. Fortunately, finding the best Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament odds doesn’t have to be.

We’ve been busy wading our way through the stats and facts to bring you our top picks for this year’s Player of the Tournament award. Plus, we’ve also shared our own betting knowledge to ensure that you can use odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament to the best of your ability. Let’s get straight into this one.

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Who could be Euro 2024’s player of the tournament?

The great thing about Euro 2024 is that there is plenty of young talent starting to come through. So, alongside having to consider existing superstars, you really need to keep your eyes on the likes of Bellingham, Musiala, and Doku. Time to take a closer look at some of the current front-runners.

Kylian Mbappe (France)

The French talisman doesn’t need much of an introduction. In Ligue 1 this year alone, Mbappe has played 29 matches, scored 27, and assisted his teammates 7 times. In the Euro 2024 qualifiers, he’s scored 9 and assisted 5 times in just 8 matches, too.

France is grouped with the Netherlands, Austria, and Poland, making them favourites to advance from Group D. After their World Cup performance, many would also tip them as one of the favourites to become outright winners of Euro 2024. In turn, Mbappe leads the pack for Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament.

  • Familiar with big-stage tournaments
  • France is considered one of the favourites
  • In great club form
  • High expectations

Harry Kane (England)

England are the surprise favourites for Euro 2024. So, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see Harry Kane backed by some competitive odds to become the Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament.

The advantage for Kane is that he’s already used to playing on German soil. Safe to say he has settled into his first season in the Bundesliga, bagging 36 goals and 8 assists in just 32 league matches. With England, Kane has the potential to work alongside the likes of Saka, Foden, Bellingham, and Rice. If the Euro Qualifiers are anything to go by (8 goals and 2 assists in 8 matches), then you’ll want to pay close attention to Kane’s odds.

  • Backed by playmakers
  • Plays in Germany
  • In brilliant form
  • Team full of potential PoT winners

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy)

It seems only moments ago that questions over Buffon’s replacement were flying around. However, Donnarumma has shown time and time again why he is soon to be considered a legend in his own right.

Alongside a list of prestigious awards, the Italian giant has already got his safe hands on the coveted title of Player of the Tournament back in 2020. We think you’ll agree that Donnarumma put on a goalkeeping masterclass – something he will certainly be looking to replicate again this time around. If his Ligue 1 record is anything to go by, then strikers will have a tough time getting anything passed him. Currently, Donnarumma is conceding less than one goal per game.

  • Euro 2020 Player of the Tournament
  • Backed by a solid defence
  • Conceding less than 1 per game
  • Difficult group stage

Jude Bellingham (England)

Bellingham has already been tipped as a potential candidate for this year’s Ballon d’Or. So, if that isn’t enough to consider him for this year’s Player of the Tournament, we don’t know what is. The Madrid maestro comes into the Euros off the back of a great season in La Liga, scoring 19 goals in 27 matches. In the Euro qualifiers, Bellingham was kept fairly quiet, though, playing just four games and claiming one single assist.

We anticipate that his recent surge in form will prove critical to England’s progress. Lining up among the likes of Rice, Saka, Kane, and Foden, we could see some great link-up play and finishes for Bellingham away from the Bernabeu – something that hasn’t really been replicated with three lions on his shirt.

  • In exceptional form
  • England are Euro 2024 favourites
  • Backed by experience in the England team
  • High expectations

Jamal Musiała (Germany)

Considered a young veteran with 30 caps for Germany already, we can’t overlook Jamal Musiala. Had Bellingham not had such a fantastic season at Real Madrid, we think that pundits, players, and fans would be paying much closer attention to him.

He’s already cemented himself as one of Bayern’s key players, scoring 12 goals and providing 7 assists this season. Backed by a German side with experience from Kroos, Kimmich, and Neuer – two of which he plays with at Bayern – Musiala should be given some freedom to roam and cause havoc. We have no doubt that he will be hoping to brush off the challenges from Switzerland, Hungary, and Scotland before showcasing exactly why he should be considered one of the best through the knockout stages.

  • Hungry to prove himself
  • Already gained 30 caps for Germany
  • Playing on home soil
  • Germany’s recent poor form

Notable mentions

With such big names flooding the Euros this year, we couldn’t help but add in a notable mentions section. These guys have proven themselves already and are backed by some pretty competitive Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament odds.

  • Jeremy Doku (Belgium)
  • Rodri (Spain)
  • Federico Chiesa (Italy)
  • Frenkie de Jong (Netherlands)
  • Antoine Griezmann (France)
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Building your predictions: Top things to consider before finding Euro 2024 best player odds

Now you know a little bit more about the potential winners of this year’s Player of the Tournament, it is time for us to provide you with some top tips to help build the bigger picture. Although these tips don’t offer any guarantees, they’ll be sure to provide you with a great head start.

1. Current form

One of the first things to consider when filtering through the latest odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament is form. Of course, club-level football is completely different, but it certainly gives you a solid baseline of where to begin your search. It is always worth looking at goals, assists, cards, and tackles. However, as you won’t find a dedicated Euro 2024 Golden Glove award, don’t forget to take shots saved, clean sheets, and goals per game into account.

2. Strength of International Squad

This award may be about individual talent, but that’s about as close as it gets to the Ballon d’Or. You’ll also need to consider the strength of the squad surrounding your chosen player and the likelihood of individual performances matching eventual outcomes. There is no denying that there is talent throughout Europe; however, if you can’t help your team find the net, you’ll never be amongst the favourites to walk away as Player of the Tournament.

3. Group Stages

It may not always be the case, but the Player of the Tournament is often a part of the winning nation. So, when it comes to building your bets and reviewing odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament, you’ll want to consider how far your chosen player’s nation is likely to go. If they’re stuck in a group with France, Germany, and England, it may be best to consider another option.

4. Understanding of the Odds

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve been busy reviewing some of the very best Euro 2024 betting sites leading up to the start of the tournament. Generally speaking, these platforms will be backed by some pretty competitive odds; however, it is important that you understand how to read odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament. This table breaks down the most popular odds formats that you are likely to come across.

Odds FormatExplanationExample
FractionalThe fractional odds format is nice and simple. The denominator represents your bet value and the numerator represents the potential returns. You’ll then add both numbers together to get your winnings.£10 on Mbappe at 2/1 = winnings of £30.
DecimalThe decimal is another fairly self-explanatory odds format, showcasing your potential winnings as a decimal. Your bet value is ‘1’, and the difference represents potential returns.£10 on Mbappe at 3.0 = winnings of £30
AmericanAmerican odds are split into underdogs (+) and favourites (-). The number after the + shows how much you can win after betting £100. The number after the – shows how much you need to bet to win £100.£10 on Mbappe at +200 = winnings of £30

5. Past winners

Although it isn’t a huge deciding factor, you will primarily see that outfield players pick up this coveted award. Quite simply, the impact outfield players can have on games through assists, shots, tackles, and overall possession can often overshadow that of the man between the sticks.

Of course, as we saw in 2000, the shot-stopping ability, composure, and sheer talent on display from Donnarumma were more than enough to warrant his position as the Player of the Tournament. Usually, however, the stats do favour those in outfield positions. This table gives you a little look at some Player of the Tournament winners from years gone by.

YearPlayer of the tournamentCountry
2020Gianluigi DonnarummaItaly
2016Antoine GriezmannFrance
2012Andres IniestaSpain
2004Theodoros ZagorakisGreece

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Judging where to place your bets: Making use of our dedicated comparisons

Backed by some of our top tips, you should now just about be ready to search for some of the best odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament. However, before you do, you’ll want to make use of our comparisons and find yourself a top Euro 2024 betting site that is packed with perks.

Enhanced Security

Security and licensing will always be critical parts of the selection process. With so many different laws and legislations to consider globally, it makes sense that all of our Euro 2024 bookmaker reviews focus on this area and soon highlight any spots to avoid.

Competitive Odds

We usually focus our efforts on market depth when searching for top online sportsbooks; however, you’ll want to focus on finding sports betting sites that have the best odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament. The better the odds, the better the size of any potential winnings – it really is that simple.

Range of Bonuses

You won’t find a great deal of bonuses aimed at the Player of the Tournament or the Golden Boot odds at Euro 2024. However, it is common to find boosted odds leading up to the event. Of course, you’ll then find some top promotions that can be used to bet on group winners, match winners, first goalscorers, and more along the way.

Responsive Support

It may not be the first thing you consider; however, there is no doubt that the response times of support can soon turn your experience around. An influx in bets can soon create a shift in market movement, changing the odds of Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament in an instant. We’d hate for you to miss out because you’ve selected a sports betting site with unresponsive agents on hand.

Swift Withdrawals

Finally, you’ll want to select a site that boasts swift withdrawals and a secure transactional process. You’ll always be expected to pass KYC/AML checks; however, once completed, you’ll want to know that any winnings will land back in your account quickly.

How to place your bets: A simple step-by-step guide

By now, you should be pretty clued up on how and where to find the best odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament. So, all that remains is for us to guide you through the process of placing your bets using this simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Make use of our comparisons focused on the best Euro 2020 betting sites
  2. Click on the links within our reviews to take you over to your chosen online sportsbook
  3. Select ‘register’ or ‘sign up’ to create your new player profile
  4. Share some basic details and enter any Euro 2024 bonus codes
  5. Verify your account by linking your email address
  6. Make your first deposit
  7. Head on over to the sportsbook and find ‘Euro 2024’ from within the ‘Football’ header
  8. Filter through eligible players or request your own odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament
  9. Add your chosen player(s) to your bet slip, enter your bet value, and submit

Find the best player of the tournament odds for Euro 2024 today

It isn’t going to be easy predicting Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament. Mbappe, Kane, Bellingham, Musiala, and Donnarumma lead the stats. However, plenty of superstars will be looking to showcase their talents on one of the biggest stages in football.

Although making the correct pick is going to be tough, we hope that you’re now in a much better position to find and make use of the best odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament. To help get you started, you can use our comparisons to discover great platforms with competitive odds and sizable promotions that could quickly boost your odds. Just remember to take the strength of the national team, a player’s current form, and the potential match-ups in the later stages into account.

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Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament Odds FAQ

💎 When can you find odds on the best player at Euro 2024?

Depending on which online sports betting site you opt to join, odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament can become available to you as soon as official squads have been released. Of course, odds will be most favourable at this point because no matches have been played.

❓ Will you find bonuses focused on the Player of the Tournament?

You are likely to find a selection of Euro 2024 betting bonuses throughout the tournament. However, it is likely that these will be limited when it comes to betting on the outright tournament winner, Golden Boot winner, and Player of the tournament. In fact, you may simply find boosted odds on Euro 2024’s Player of the Tournament instead.

📌 Can you place more than one bet on the Player of the Tournament?

Yes. When it comes to betting on the outright winner of the Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament, you’ll be able to bet on more than one player. However, these bets must be singles. Plus, you’ll want to ensure that the accumulated value of your initial bets remains less than your potential winnings.