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Discover the Best OPay Betting Sites in Nigeria for 2024

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Last Updated on 22.05.2024

Despite their relative newness to the country, OPay betting sites continue to be highly sought after by Nigerian bettors. They can enjoy numerous advantages when they use it as a deposit system, and it has become an appealing transaction method.

Allowing bettors to make quick deposits without additional fees, Opay has become more widely available nationwide. This guide will detail everything you need to know about the payment method and help you decide whether it might be right for you.

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The Best Betting Sites that Accept Opay in 2024

What is OPay?

OPay is an emerging mobile payment platform and is available with some nationally-available bookmakers. Nigeria has become a rather large market for the payment provider, as it continues to give the nation’s population the ability to be connected with a convenient banking method.

It can be used to make various payments, with everything from online shopping to paying bills, including direct transfers. As a result of its popularity, a number of betting sites using Opay have since emerged, giving players control over how they make a deposit towards their upcoming sports bets.

How Do You Get an OPay Account?

If you like the sound of what OPay can potentially do for you, then the first step will be to get an OPay account. This is easily done, as a downloadable app can be used.

Simply download it from the app store of your preferred device (it is available on both iOS and Android). It does not need much space to be stored on your phone, which can be useful when space is limited.

Once the app has been downloaded, open it up and then follow the instructions to create your new Opay account:

  • Click ‘Sign Up’
  • Provide your phone number and verify it
  • Create a password
  • Enter the requested personal details
  • Create a PIN
  • Verify your email address

Once all these steps have been completed, you can access your account and add funds directly to your OPay wallet.

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Making Deposits with your Opay Account

Topping off your Opay account with money and then using your OPay funds to make betting transactions at your preferred bookmakers is fairly straightforward.

Depositing Funds Into Your OPay Account

To add funds to your account and start using them on your favourite OPay betting sites, you need to make a deposit via the ‘Add Money’ link in the app’s main menu, where you will be presented with a choice of funding options.

You can either fund your account using a bank card, including those that can be used on Visa betting sites, or you can use a bank transfer if your institution allows it. If you do not have access to a bank account, you can use cash by going to one of over 250,000 OPay agents, who can deposit the money into your account at no additional cost when you provide them with the requested information.

How To Deposit Into Your Bankroll on the Best OPay Betting Sites

Once the above processes have been completed, Nigerian bettors will be able to deposit funds into one of the Nigerian betting sites that offers OPay as an accepted payment method. Below are the steps you can follow:

  1. Download and login on the OPay app.
  2. Select “Betting.”
  3. Select your preferred betting site.
  4. Enter your unique user identification number.
  5. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Your username and the transaction amount will be displayed on your screen to verify your details.
  7. Select a payment method and click on “pay now.”

You find the right betting site with everything you want, such as your preferred range of sports betting markets, competitive odds, or bonuses, simply follow their deposit process by entering your account details and then choosing OPay as the payment method.

The best OPay betting sites for 2024

How Do We Rate OPay Betting Sites?

OPay is an excellent option for Nigerians who are looking for a safe and secure payment method that may not have access to others.

They can make a range of transactions instantaneously, and the highest level of security protocol protects each one made.

Obtaining an account and setting one up is quick and easy to do, as demonstrated recently, and once you’re done, moving money into your OPay account is simple.

Of course, when it comes to the best OPay betting sites available, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that we pay attention to, which we discuss in the following sections.

The Advantages of Using OPay Betting Sites in Nigeria?

Using the best OPay betting sites can provide bettors with several advantages. These are just some of the key benefits of using OPay:


Making a deposit needs to be convenient, as players want to be able to add funds and make the bets they want with their preferred methods. The top OPay bookmakers recognize this and also understand how accessible the solution is, especially with the unbanked community. As highlighted above, adding funds through this provider is simple and does not feature barriers to use.

Speedy Transactions

Along with being able to make convenient transactions, players want to be able to start using their funds and placing the bets that they like as soon as possible. OPay betting sites can process any deposit made with this payment method immediately, making funds available straight away.

No Transaction Fees

No transaction fees are incurred when using this payment method on OPay betting sites, making it a very user-friendly solution. All you need to do is to load up your OPay account with the amount you want to deposit, then head to your chosen sportsbook and deposit those funds without worrying about whether you have enough or if you’ll be hit with hidden charges.


OPay uses robust security measures to safeguard user data and financial transactions, making OPay a trusted option for those engaging in online sports betting. Each transaction is protected, as evidenced by their PCI-DSS Compliance Level 1 Certification, so funds and transactions made with OPay are secure, even when made through a bookmaker.

Excellent Customer Care

To ensure OPay is able to look after their customers in the best way, they have made sure they are accessible whenever assistance may be required. If you need any help, you can find answers to many questions via their FAQs, or you can contact them directly. There is an email address that is available, as well as a WhatsApp number and various social media channels.

The Disadvantages Of Using OPay Betting Sites In Nigeria?

If you are considering whether using OPay betting sites is best for you, it can be worth considering some of the disadvantages and limitations of this payment method. This is what we found when we did our rating review.

Not Widely Available

 While it is possible to download the OPay app and add funds easily enough, there are not that many OPay bookmakers around to use. This can leave a bettor restricted in terms of their choices, and the sites available may not suit the betting needs of that individual as others like these Quickteller betting sites may.

Not All Allow for Withdrawals

While options may be limited as a deposit method, it could also be possible that they are limited in terms of withdrawing funds. Although some sites may accept it, not all will have made it a withdrawal option. This can then leave players restricted if they cannot use another method to obtain any funds they may have been able to win.

Transaction Fees May Exist When Withdrawing Funds

 You may encounter fees if you find betting sites with OPay available as a withdrawal feature. While the bookmaker may not initially charge a few, you can potentially encounter a cost when you want to move those funds from your OPay account and into your bank account.

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Similar Alternatives to OPay

After weighing up the pros and cons of using OPay betting sites, it can also be worth looking into alternatives, to determine which payment solution is truly best for you.

There is no shortage of mobile payment options available in Nigeria, with some widely available at sportsbooks. They can each provide their own advantages, but they can also have drawbacks where OPay does not. It is important to do your research and consider all the options to ensure you get the best betting experience.

Possible Alternatives to OPayPros in Comparison to OPayCons in Comparison to OPay
PayPalMore globally recognisedSimilar restrictions imposed on withdrawing funds using this method
QuicktellerMore widely acceptedMay involve a cost when making a transaction
SkrillNo charges are applied when making an instant depositMay face limits on transaction amounts
PaystackFast and simple to use like OpayWithdrawals mayFast and simple to use like Opay also incur fees
InterswitchOffers secure payment transactions like OpayNot as widely available

Using OPay For Bonuses

The appeal to sign up to a new bookmaker is always helped by some form of welcome offer or bonus. We like to get things for free and if those free things allow us to make some money, then we are definitely all for it.

The majority of the betting sites that accept OPay will offer some form of bonus when you sign up to become a new member.

As long as you make the deposits with OPay, then you will be able to withdraw amounts after you have won them – not necessarily with the bonus.

In basic terms, punters are still eligible to use the welcome bonuses when they are betting with OPay.

Minimum And Maximum Deposits When Using OPay

When you are searching for the best OPay betting sites, it is important to know how much you can deposit in order to place bets.

Each betting site will have a minimum and maximum amount that you can deposit to start your betting journey.

With OPay betting sites, it is very simple to get going. Once you have registered, it will be straightforward to deposit funds into whichever betting site you are signed up to – as long as they accept OPay as a payment method.

Below is a table with the minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited at the best betting sites that accept OPay.

OPay Betting SitesMinimum Deposit (Naira)Maximum Deposit (Naira)Waiting TimeFees
Bet9ja100N100,000NInstant DepositNo Fees
1XBet100N500,000NInstant DepositNo Fees
Betway100N1,000,000NInstant DepositNo Fees
Nairabet100N250,000NInstant DepositNo Fees

Final Word On OPay

Despite being a relatively new payment solution to the Nigerian market, there is no doubt that OPay can offer an excellent experience. It provides users with the convenience that they demand, as they can make deposits with minimal fuss and be protected as they do so.

The payment method allows those in the unbanked community to still engage in online betting as they can use an in-person agent at over 250,000 locations, truly accommodating much of the country’s population.

Transactions are instantaneous and typically without cost. However, there are limitations in regard to withdrawing funds. This can be a big drawback and should be strongly considered. If you can get past the fact that not all sites will allow withdrawals, then it is worth thinking about using the best OPay betting sites today!

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OPay Betting Sites FAQ

🔐 Is OPay a safe betting payment option?

OPay has become a trusted payment option for many Nigerian sports bettors, with more sites continuing to adopt the solution. It is very safe to use, as each transaction is protected with a PCI-DSS Compliance Level 1 Certification.

❓ Can I use OPay with some of the best sportsbooks?

Yes, some of the biggest and best sportsbooks available to Nigerians in the country are beginning to accept OPay as a deposit method. Not all of these sites have made it possible to withdraw funds via this method, though, so it is important to check if you want to use OPay for that.

🤔 What are the minimum and maximum deposit limits when using OPay?

The smallest deposit that can be made at an OPay betting site is typically around N100, but you can usually deposit up to N250,000 in one go. Each site may be different, so check their T&Cs before signing up to see if the payment option suits your betting needs.

⏳ Are OPay deposits instant?

Yes, OPay deposits when accepted are usually instantaneous. They are extremely simple to do, and once credited, they will be available to use immediately.

💥 What are the benefits of using sites with OPay availability?

OPay provides users with a number of advantages that are possible to obtain. These include enhanced security measures that protect any data that is being transferred in addition to the funds. At the same time, the mobile solution is ideal for those who are unbanked or may want to keep their betting activity hidden from their main bank accounts for anonymity or added privacy.

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