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What is Ante Post Betting and How It Works: Explained by Betting Experts

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Publish Date: 31.01.2024

Ante-post is a sports betting term that originated in the world of horse racing, but it now features in all major professional sports and is placing bets on an event before it has started.

Throughout this guide, I am going to explain the origins and workings of ante-post betting and what it all means.

What Is Ante-Post Betting?

The ‘Ante’ in Ante-post basically means before, while ‘Post’ is after or behind when translated to Latin. So it is for a bet that will be placed before the start of a specific sporting tournament or competition. It is more commonly known as outright betting.

In soccer terms, you will be looking at the top markets for teams to win a competition – whether that is the Premier League, FA Cup, La Liga, Bundesliga or the Champions League.

The ante-post market on tournaments like the Premier League or World Cup are extremely popular. As soon as the World Cup finished in Qatar, bookmakers already had their odds live on who would win the next competition in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.

Here is a brief list of the popular soccer ante-post markets you’d find with the best online bookmakers:

  • League Winner
  • Relegation
  • Competition Top Goal Scorer
  • Group Winner
  • Group Qualification

Is There Value In Ante-Post Betting?

Some people will say there is more luck than judgement when it comes to winning ante-post bets. There is a case for that I agree, but sometimes you know it feels right and if you have the information and stats to back your bet, then go for it.

Doing an ante-post bet for the World Cup can be a little tricky. If you are backing your selection three or four years before the World Cup starts, then that can be risky as they might not even qualify or be in a terrible run of form.

Also, you could leave your bet too late and get poorer odds from when you first noticed them. In some cases it’d be better to use a live betting site where the odds could move in your favour as things progress. You need to take a risk sometimes and if you fully have faith in your bet, then back it as soon as you can.

A lot of punters like to bet early and try to get as much value as possible from that system, while others will wait until a couple of weeks before the tournament starts. It is entirely up to you on what strategy you use, but also keep an eye out for ante-post betting odds throughout the year.

How To Place An Ante-Post Bet?

Once you have done all the relevant research surrounding your bet, you are ready to go. Here is a brief step-by-step guide to help you place your first ante-post bet:

  1. Step one is choosing which sport you are betting on
  2. Select which tournament you want to bet on and look at the markets
  3. Work out how much you want to stake and whether it is worth it
  4. Add the bet to your betting slip
  5. Remember, a lot of bookmakers have cash out on these kind of bets – if you do more research and feel that the bet is not the one for you, you can always cashout

Top Tips For Ante-Post Betting

It is always good to have a betting strategy when it comes to sports betting, but sometimes the outcome is just out of your hands. Here are a few tips to consider when placing an ante-post bet:

Tip Reason
Check the odds Bearing in mind that you are making this bet months, maybe a year, before the tournament starts, you may be able to get boosted odds on certain players. Star performers from the previous competition could already have greater odds.
Make late ante-posts This is all about your preferred choice. Some punters like to leave it as late as possible to try and get the best odds. On occasion, the odds may reduce if you wait too long, but in terms of each way betting, the odds could be more favourable just before the tournament starts. It is all about timing.
Keep up-to-date Follow your selection closely. If your ante-post bet is not starting for a few months or so, just keep checking in on them and see how their injury crisis is or whether new players have been signed. It’s nice to know what is going on.
Do your research I cannot stress this enough. Do your research and go through the pros and cons on why you should place this bet. Read tips from the experts and see what their take is on certain bets.
Bonus Offers If you are new to sports betting, signing up with a bookmaker will see you receive a welcome bonus. Always check how long you have to complete any promotions though, as ante post markets may be unsuitable if they won’t settle for many weeks or months.

Cashing Out On Ante-Post Bets

Being able to cash out on an existing bet is becoming more and more popular. Not all bookmakers offer this option, but the leading firms have this available. Cash out betting sites have largely become the norm in most established gaming markets over the past few years.

Cashing out is a personal preference. I personally find it a distraction, there are times I have cashed out when I should have waited a few more minutes, but that was probably down to me being impatient.

Some bookmakers will offer you the option of a partial cash out. This allows punters to collect a percentage of their potential winnings while a small part of their original stake keeps running with the bet.

Ante-Post Multiple Bets

One popular ante-post option is a multiple bet before the season has started. This could be the league winners of the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two. You would be predicting which team finished top and by lumping them together, you could potentially get generous odds.

This is one bet that you would follow extremely carefully in terms of being able to cash out. You could have two selections running away with the league, while the other two are on the cusp but still off the pace. Checking the cash out option could be worthwhile or you could just let it run.

Backing teams to win the league in a multiple bet is not the only option, you could do the same with the top goal scorer market. You could back a player in each league to finish with the most goals. Again, this has the potential to return generous odds. As long as it fits in with your bankroll management approach, these can be fun and enjoyable bets to follow across a long period of time.

Ante-Post Each Way Betting

In the above section, I mentioned top goal scorers as a potential multiple market. It also makes sense to do this kind of bet as an each way bet. This is a popular soccer betting strategy that plenty of punters will employ.

Yes, the odds will be slashed – normally a quarter of the odds – but it allows you the safety net of your selected player coming second or third. Your potential returns will be slashed, but you could still make a profit if two of your selections finish top with the other two coming second or third.

Ante-Post Betting Pros And Cons

  • Potentially generous odds
  • Guaranteed interest for a few months or years
  • pro=Each way betting option
  • High risk due to unknown factors

Final Say On Ante-Post Betting

It is exciting placing an ante-post bet because you have the joy and agony of following that bet for the whole duration of the competition. Sometimes you might want a quick bet that is over after 90 minutes, but the entertainment you get from following a bet for the whole season is exhilarating. Well, it is if your team is still in with a chance of winning come the end of the competition.

There is risk in ante-post betting, but there is risk in every bet you place. The earlier you place the bet the more uncertain the outcome becomes, but the odds could be heavily in your favour.

The best advice I can give you, is to do your research, work out what you can afford to bet and then hope lady luck is shining over you.

Top Sites for Betting on Ante Post Markets

Ante-Post Betting FAQ

⚽What is Ante-post betting?

An ante-post bet is a bet placed on an upcoming or future event. 

🏇Can I Only Do Ante-Post Betting On Horse Racing

No. Ante-post betting is more common and very popular in the world of horse racing, but it is not the only sport that covers them. Any sport that competes in a tournament or cup competition will have ante-post odds. 

💷Can I cash out on ante-post bets?

It all depends on which online sports bookmaker you are using. The majority of them will offer a cash out option up to the start of the tournament. You would be better checking each bookmaker before placing your bet.

❓Can I place multiple ante-post bets?

Yes you can. Doing multiple bets will most likely see your odds increase, especially with markets like lucky 15, lucky 31 or lucky 63, and you could be set to win a fortune. 



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