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Unveiling the Best NFL Draft 2024 Betting Sites: Best Bets, Promos and More

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Last Updated on 09.05.2024

Betting on the NFL Draft is a big event in American football. The Draft is where professional teams snap up the best young talent. A surprising number of betting markets at sportsbooks can be found for it.

There is always a lot of fervour about who will go as the number one pick in the NFL Draft. But there are plenty of other great angles that sportsbooks provide in covering this spectacular event. Here is everything you need to know about betting on the NFL Draft and the best sites at which to do it.

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Discover the Best NFL Draft Betting sites for May 2024

Our NFL Draft Betting Sites Recommendations

Our goal is to get you to the best NFL Draft betting sites, and after rigorous testing of sites, here are three exceptional recommendations from our experts. These are all fully licensed, regulated, and safe online betting platforms.

BetRivers – Best NFL Draft Market Variety

betrivers mobile sport
BetRivers mobile betting site
Betrivers Sports Combo Bonuses
BetRivers betting bonuses
  • Fantastic NFL promos
  • Easy to find NFL Draft selections
  • Competitive First Pick odds
  • Live football streams
  • Regional restrictions

Famous bookmaker BetRivers provides a superb platform for betting on the NFL Draft. The site is easy to use thanks to quick loading pages and good navigation; after clicking on NFL under the Most Popular section, finding your NFL Draft selections is just under the Leagues dropdown.

Here you are likely to find industry-competitive quotes on selections like the First Pick option, along with others like First Quarterback drafted. They also hit the mark with great alternative NFL Draft markets like an over/under for how many quarterbacks will be picked in the First Round.

BetRivers is also great for sports betting promotions in general. There’s a generous bonus bet welcome offer that involves a second chance sports bet up to $500 on any offering, including the Draft, plus everything from bet boosts to parlay specials for existing NFL customers. Live football streams are also available and are free for funded account holders.

DraftKings – The Go-To Bookmaker for NFL Draft Props

Draftkings mobile app
DraftKings sports betting on mobile
Draftkings bonus
DraftKings betting bonuses
  • Early NFL Draft coverage
  • NFL same game parlays
  • Huge prop markets
  • Competitive odds
  • Overwhelming site for newcomers
  • Limited promos

The DraftKings sportsbook is enormous, with more than 25 sports listed throughout. That includes a swathe of top football markets, including those for betting on the NFL Draft. Their main 1st Pick Draft runs as a long ante post-market well ahead of the actual draft.

During the NFL Draft, the DraftKings live odds are quickly updated, and it can all be tracked through their fantastic mobile platform. For top variety, you can also explore good NFL prop markets like First Wide Receiver Drafted and First Quarterback Drafted.

Same Game Parlays are a big part of the DraftKings NFL coverage, available as pre-built or create-your-own. Overall, NFL betting markets at DraftKings are extensive, and they deliver some excellent Spread and Moneyline odds, often topping out odds comparisons in those areas.

Sports Bonus
20% up to $1000
T&Cs apply, 21+
VIP Preferred

ComeOn! – Top Selection for NFL Futures

comeon sportsbook overview
ComeOn! mobile sports betting
comeon main
ComeOn! online bookmaker
  • Early odds
  • Daily Bet Boosters
  • Good NFL Draft market variety
  • Bet builder options
  • No streams
  • Average live options

The young players entering the selection process are known well ahead of the actual NFL Draft itself. Early access to betting on the NFL Draft is available at ComeOn!, which is a great site for finding American football futures markets posted well in advance of events.

A top feature of the NFL markets at ComeOn! is the extensive BetBuilder coverage running through American football betting. It is available on all NFL matches and includes great markets like Who Will Cover The Point Spread, Who Will Make A Sack and Player Rushing Yards.

Two daily bet boosters can be used every day at ComeOn!, including for NFL bets. At 10:00, a 5% Boost and a 10% Komba Boost (3+ bets) will be populated on your bet slip. Use the boosts as you choose to do so by 9:59 the following day, and two new ones will be added.

An In-Depth Exploration and Detailed Analysis of the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a source of player recruitment for teams. It is made up of post-college youngsters who have used their college-team eligibility and who are looking to make that next step up to the big league.

There are seven rounds of the NFL Draft. Each NFL team is allotted one pick per round. The draft’s focus is to level the playing field as to who gets the best talent. The set-up is such that the worst teams from the previous season get the early picks and, therefore, the top future talent.

From an NFL Draft betting perspective, it’s not that straightforward because Draft picks are tradable. It means that the team holding the first overall pick has a valuable trade item in their hands, which could be moved for established players and/or a selection of lower Draft picks.

A team’s plans for the Draft can change drastically depending on previous picks, just as a strategy for betting on the NFL Draft can. That’s the kind of thing that drives the speculation and the interest in the NFL Draft odds.

How We Select the Best NFL Draft Betting Sites: Markets and Odds

Just like the NFL team scouts who put in countless hours researching players to define their strategy for the Draft, our experts put in the work to research online betting sites. The goal is to find the best, most reliable platforms with the best odds and market options.

NFL Draft Markets

The markets for this intriguing selection process at the best online betting sites can vary quite a bit. Some sportsbooks will only provide markets for the First Round, while others will present more in-depth betting options, such as the actual position a team will pick.

Another thing to take into account is when the best NFL Draft sites open up their markets, as some start with a modest selection early on, only to release more as the Draft gets closer.

NFL Draft Odds Explained

Along with ample market variety, the backbone of good betting on the NFL Draft, the Super Bowl or anything in between is going to be the odds. The name of the game is finding the top value at the best NFL Draft betting sites, or at least the best value as often as possible, with a particular bookmaker.

The frequency of getting strong odds, which can easily be found in odds comparisons, puts more value back on the bettors’ side. The NFL Draft odds can shift and change quite a bit, especially the day before and during the actual event.

There is arguably no bigger, more unpredictable day of NFL betting than what the Draft brings. That’s because teams don’t know what they are doing until they are called to the podium to announce their pick.

Betting Site Features for the NFL Draft

The best NFL Draft betting sites that provide top coverage betting on the event will also be stacked with betting features. It is not likely that the site will just solely be used for the NFL Draft, but for other regular NFL betting too. That means that your preferred Draft sportsbooks will also morph into the best Superbowl betting sites at some point.

Thus, when choosing an NFL draft betting site, consider long-term betting elements like:

  • Same Game Parlays
  • Cash Out
  • Live Streams
  • Results Services
  • NFL Tips and Insights

Betting features such as these will ensure that your NFL bets are well supported, from the Draft to the Superbowl.

Understanding NFL Draft Bets and Their Respective Markets

The best NFL Draft betting sites have more to offer for this fascinating event than may initially meet the eye. Naturally, the main focus is on what will happen with the top five picks.

These highly talented young prospects are heavily hyped pre-draft, thanks to their strong college playing careers and having already gained popularity. Where they end up can also have a ripple effect on other markets at sportsbooks.

For example, if a team that struggled in the previous season snaps up the number one pick, such as a star young quarterback, it could shift the team’s odds of winning their division or conference in the following season.

Here are some fascinating NFL Draft betting markets:

Bet TypeConditions
Under/Over (Totals)Selecting options like how many quarterbacks will be drafted in the First Round
First PickWhich player will get selected first
Place Pick SelectionsProminently 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th picks
Forecast/TricastSelecting the exact order of the top two or three picks
Top Pick PositionBacking a player to get selected in the Top 5 or Top 10
Team First PickForecasting which player a specific team will pick from the draft

As you can see, there are plenty of markets that can pop up at NFL Draft betting sites. The variety is out there, but usually the best of it is found at the most highly recommended bookmakers that go the extra yard.

Bet365 Bet365 Review
T&Cs apply, 21+

Best NFL Draft Betting Sites Promos

Springtime, when the Draft is held, is a great time to keep an eye out for betting promotions. The best NFL Draft betting sites will have their welcome bonus offers to consider for any new players getting on board.

But enhanced odds offers, or a boost perhaps on which player will get selected first, may crop up. There are not likely to be too many specific promos targeted towards betting on the NFL Draft. But still, check out the wider long-term variety of available promos.

Things like NFL cashback on the week’s losses, money-back specials and rewards clubs from top betting bonuses and offers can add a lot of value to your day-to-day NFL betting.

Mobile Betting Sites for Live NFL Draft Betting

The NFL Draft betting markets will be extremely active on the night. As soon as one pick is made, that will force a reshuffle on the rest of the selections for that particular round. Because those live NFL odds are from such a fluid market, it’s important to have convenience and quick access.

To that end, mobile betting is a great option. The best NFL Draft betting sites will have a good mobile platform so that you can keep up to date with all the rapid changes in the markets.

If you are looking to bet on the NFL Draft, top sites will likely have a dedicated betting app to accompany their mobile website version. Either way, you will have the luxury of looking at the draft markets and checking active ones on the go.

Benefits of the Best NFL Draft Betting Site Selections

The benefits of landing at the best NFL Draft betting sites are largely going to come from the betting variety to be found. The Draft itself can be unpredictable, so it’s good to have options to cover different bases.

The downside is that the live odds updates as the Draft unfolds are likely to vary quite a bit between bookies, so it can be a challenge to always get the top odds.

  • Competitive NFL Draft odds
  • Promotions like bet boosts
  • Live in-play NFL Draft betting
  • Convenient mobile platforms
  • Live betting odds vary dramatically during Draft

Without question, the NFL Draft is an amazing spectacle, and it’s best to get hooked up with a reputable online betting site well in advance of the Draft itself. That allows you to familiarise yourself with features like live betting in preparation for the big action.

Making the Right Pick for NFL Draft Betting

The best NFL sportsbooks can bring a tremendous amount of variety to the table for this event. From selecting the First Pick to which team will draft in what position, there are a lot of intriguing markets that can feature.

The top recommendation for selecting the right pick of bookmaker for the draft is to look towards strong mobile betting. Quick access to those fluid live markets right at your fingertips while the teams are “on the clock” can make a huge difference on the night. Check out some top recommended selections in this review.

Betting Bonuses Not To Be Missed!

Further Answered Questions About NFL Draft Betting

🏈 Can you bet on the NFL Draft?

Yes. The leading betting sites will provide coverage of different outcomes of the event, which is traditionally held in April. 

👏 What are some NFL Draft bets to make?

There is plenty of NFL Draft variety out there beyond the First Pick Odds, like Totals, Forecasts and even Prop Bets.

🖥️ What is the best NFL Draft betting site?

It’s recommended to look for strong mobile betting sites for the NFL Draft since the odds are quite volatile, and our selections, like BetRivers and DraftKings hit the mark.

📈 Where can I find NFL Draft projections?

Many leading NFL betting sites have blog-style pages where experts chip in with their two cents about likely draft order projections.

🤔 Is the NFL Mock the same as the NFL Draft?

No, the mock draft is not something that you will find odds for at betting sites. They are just predictions of the outcome of the actual draft and can offer guidance for draft betting.