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Explore the Best NFL Betting Sites: Top Sportsbooks to Bet on NFL

Dave Kuzio
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Last Updated on 16.05.2024

In this review, our experts look at the best NFL betting sites that provide top coverage across the season. From the latest in-play odds to long-term Super Bowl picks, read our expert opinions.

Our full guide to the NFL and betting reveals where to go to get the best options for all the big NFL markets. We cover key areas like football market variety, competitive odds, and exciting features like streaming and cash-out. We pull it all together here to help you easily get into the game.

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A Look at Our Best NFL Betting Sites

If you are looking to line up some options on the latest NFL lines and Futures, finding a good platform provides benefits like stronger odds and bonus features. Here are the top NFL bookmakers that our experts recommend:

BetMGM – The Best NFL Pre-Match Coverage

betmgm main
BetMGM Football
betmgm live sport
BetMGM Live Sports Betting
  • 300+ beats per NFL game
  • Pre-Pack bets
  • Huge prop bet selection
  • Weekly Profit Boosts
  • Limited streaming

BetMGM has fantastic NFL betting. Dip into any regular season or playoff match and find more than 300 pre-match bet options on average. Along with the main Moneyline, Totals, and Spread, you can find options on everything from Passing, Touchdown scoring, and Field Goals.

There are a vast number of player prop markets at BetMGM, including First, Last, or Anytime Goalscorer, and Total Defensive Tackles. Extending the impressive coverage further are Match Parlays, a Bet Builder Tool, and Pre-Packs.

Pre-Packs are pre-built Same Game Multis that BetMGM lists. BetMGM has a good package of free bets for new players throughout their welcome bonus offer and also provides five weekly profit boosts that you can put towards accumulators. The greatest downside is that you won’t find tons of live streaming options for all the NFL games.

ComeOn – Top NFL Draft Betting Site

comeon main
ComeOn Sports
comeon mobile
ComeOn Mobile Sports Betting
  • Unique NFL markets
  • NFL live streaming and stats
  • Easy NFL search selections
  • Bet Builders
  • Smaller than average sportsbook
  • Lacks major futures

The simplicity of the ComeOn in-play betting platform is a feature we like, as it makes joining the flow of a game quick. Live markets are laid out in individual boxes, which helps with legibility, but there’s also a handy search tool to find specific NFL selections within a match page.

Statistics and live-streaming are further features folded into the ComeON in-play NFL platform, with current form, previous meetings, standings, and brackets all posted. Coming through in the live in-game stats are things like Passing and Rushing Yards.

Their coverage of the NFL Draft betting options is a standout aspect too. Alongside the common 1st Overall Pick, explore markets like 1st drafted Non-Quarterback and Player-X vs. The Field, which is backing either the named player to get selected first or anyone else in the entire draft pool. Therefore, you don’t have to settle for just the average bet, but you can explore more niche options within the league.

FanDuel – Top NFL Parlay Picking

Fanduel main
Fanduel Football Betting
Fanduel mobile sports betting
Fanduel Mobile Sports Betting
  • NFL Parlay Hub
  • Extensive NFL markets
  • Mobile betting app
  • Good NFL Futures
  • Number of promos could improve
  • Margins are beatable

You might not find NFL-specific promos or the most exciting low house margins at FanDuel, but there are some great NFL betting features at FanDuel. The site, which boasts a fixed-odds sportsbook and Fantasy betting, crams a lot into its NFL coverage, including markets like Wild Card Specials and Play-Off Specials.

Their Parlay Builder is very user-friendly too, where you can select the NFL market, like First TD Scorer Parlay, and then choose from the available options to build a bet. The NFL betting action can be enjoyed through the FanDuel app, which is available for iOS and Android. There are commonly 250+ bet options for an NFL game, and they bang out great NFL Futures like the Conference Winners and Team Season Over/Under Points.

How We Draft the Best NFL Sportsbooks

To help get you to the best NFL betting sites, we have narrowed the field down to a few selections that can be explored above. How we reached our conclusions was by studying and testing areas like:

  • NFL Market Variety
  • In-play Betting
  • Promotions & Bonuses
  • NFL Draft Betting
  • Statistics and Insights
  • Sign Up

Gaining Options at the Best NFL Betting Sites

A very important element of putting together an NFL betting strategy is having options. Sometimes the Moneyline market just doesn’t align correctly for value when you see an option like the Kansas City Chiefs -350 to win their next match.

That’s where the importance of having a good NFL bookmaker that posts a great variety of markets can help out. There are times you need to go and explore other options, like the Spread or maybe some team props.

The BetMGM sportsbook, for example, has, on average, more than 300 bets available for any given NFL Match. That extends from the main lines of the Moneyline, Spread, and Totals to Match Touchdown options, To Go Into Overtime, Result At the End of Quarter 4, and plenty more. As you can see, the more markets available on an NFL bookie, the better.

NFL Pre-GameNFL SpecialsNFL Futures
MoneylineTeam Regular Season WinsSuper Bowl Winner
SpreadPlayoff Stage of EliminationNFC/AFC Champions
TotalsNFL DraftSuper Bowl MVP
Correct ScorePlayer TradesSuper Bowl Winning Conference
Winning MarginPlayer Season PropsDivision Winners

Staying Up to Speed with NFL In-Play Betting

The NFL betting action can easily be followed live with a good, solid online in-play betting platform. What does that mean exactly? There are some key elements that you will want to look for with live in-play NFL betting, and here’s a quick look at them:


From the initial loading of a match page to being able to switch between different betting areas and menus, the in-play operation should be quick.

Market Refresh

In-play betting is about catching the right odds at the right time on the fly. The best online NFL betting site will refresh markets quickly so that you aren’t left hanging over a particular market.

Live Streams

Some of the best NFL bookmakers provide live streams. Live streaming at online betting sites aligns with in-play betting, as you can bet and watch in one quick, convenient location.

In-Game Stats

It’s not always possible to watch a live stream of an NFL match, so the next best thing is in-game stats. These are massively helpful, as you can analyze them to see what the current flow of the play is.

Cash Out

If you have an active bet on an NFL match that is swinging your way, perhaps you would snap up the option to settle early thanks to the Cash Out feature in NFL sportsbooks.

Boosting NFL Options with Bonuses

Even if you get the very top odds at the best online NFL betting site, there are still ways you can enhance your picks further, and that is through promotions.

One of the most visible ones is the welcome bonus offer, an example of which is FanDuel’s big bonus bet package for new users. Such deals are one-time offers for new players and are often linked to the initial deposit and first wager.

But further value can be extracted through promotions for existing offers. This can include things like a Profit Boost on a successful NFL Same Game Multi or Parlay, or even insurance if a Parlay, for example, loses by only one leg, which is something that FanDuel runs.

Among the other types of promotions offered by the best NFL bookmakers are enhanced odds. These price boost offers are simple to use, as they are regular bets, but the operator has put more skin in the game by lengthening the original odds.

Bet365 Bet365 Review
T&Cs apply, 21+

Looking to the Future with NFL Draft Betting

While the best NFL draft sportsbooks will keep you up to date with the latest match lines, there are other areas of the sport to look out for, like the NFL Draft.

It’s common to see options for NFL Draft betting on which young player will be selected first overall. But the best NFL draft betting sites will go far above and beyond that. There should be selections for every position, particularly within the all-important first round.

Place ranges can also feature, such as a player being selected within the first three or five picks of the Draft. The First Quarterback, First Offensive Lineman, and First Wide Receiver drafted are popular prop bets on the NFL Draft, based on actual playing positions.

Statistics and Insights at NFL Bookmakers

Another fantastic feature of the top NFL bookmakers is statistics. Having a good stats centre on a betting site can help swing your selections. Picks should be based on pre-match research and analysis.

The convenience of having statistics to hand on the best online NFL betting site allows not only for research but also another big advantage. What you draw from NFL statistics will lead you to a bet option, and therefore you can quickly see the relevant value of that option directly in the sportsbook.

What can also often be found at the best NFL betting sites are important insights provided by experts. Having great insights from people and former players and analyzing the key areas of an upcoming game is a valuable resource.

Getting on Board with NFL Betting

The pinnacle of the NFL season is, of course, the Super Bowl. It’s the championship match and one of the most heavily bet on single sports events in the world. For that reason, some bettors may prefer to wait til the season begins before signing up to a site.

Top superbowl betting sites, like BetMGM and ComeON, make it easy to sign up whenever you are ready to join in on the fun. In fact, within just a few minutes, you can get set up and have access to the latest NFL lines. Here’s how:

Select an NFL Betting Site

Select from our list of the top NFL betting sites above to get started. The platform is unimportant; you can complete registration on a computer or mobile device.

Click to Register

Click on the ‘Register’ button, which will open up a very straightforward sign-up form.

Site Credentials

One of the main sign-up aspects is the site credentials. This will be your working email, username, and account password.

Personal Details

Supply the requested data, like your full name, date of birth, phone number, and address, to complete the registration form.

Create Account

Select any communication preferences and accept the terms and conditions. Confirm registration and move on to the next step of depositing the account.

Remember that signing up to a serious NFL bookie should involve basic, but non-overly complicated steps. Expect standard verification procedures at some point along the entire sign up process, and if they never ask you, something is definitely amiss.

Hits and Misses of the Best NFL Betting Sites

There are plenty of upsides to using the best NFL betting sites. One of those is just the peace of mind of using a secure, regulated platform. But other big factors, such as competitive odds, robust mobile apps, and bonus features, are generally the highlights of better bookmakers.

Some weaknesses do slide into the picture with football betting sites, such as a lack of NFL streaming. That’s understandable given the big broadcasting deals the sport enters, but it is an element that takes away from the live in-play betting platforms.

  • Expect plenty of bonuses for big fixtures
  • Great market variety and depth in NFL matches
  • Competitive odds for such a major sport
  • In-play betting options
  • Lack of live-streaming options

With our look at the strengths and weaknesses of NFL betting sites done, it’s time for our final thoughts.

The Postgame Breakdown of NFL Betting Sites

We have narrowed our search down to our top three picks, and any of them, ComeOn, FanDuel and BetMGM will serve you well for NFL betting. They all consistently perform well in odds comparison tests, taking some pressure off having to shop around and the fear of missing out on top prices.

It’s a strong tactical move to register with more than one of them as well, just to hedge your options for things like bonuses that pop up, as sometimes one bookie does outperform another. Get any of our selections as your NFL betting quarterback and you will be in good shape for everything from features like in-play cash-out to big NFL Futures.

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What Else Do You Need to Know About NFL Betting Sites?

🏈 Are NFL betting sites legit?

Yes. Only ever use established, licensed operators like FanDuel for your protection and security through features like SSL encryption.

📢 What is the best market at NFL betting sites?

The most popular NFL betting market seen at bookmakers is the Moneyline, which is a straight two-way selection of which team will win the match.

🔑 How can I claim a free bet at NFL betting sites?

A great way is to look at Welcome Bonus offers at the best NFL betting sites. Sign up and claim a bonus, like FanDuel’s package of free bets.

🙂 How can I deposit at NFL bookmakers?

You can find options that range from bank cards to e-wallets like PayPal and Apple Pay to bank transfers for deposits.

⏩ What is the best NFL betting site?

We recommended FanDuel, ComeOn, and BetMGM as great NFL online betting sites, as they are trusted operators with great lines and odds.