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Fanduel Bonus: Unravel Top Offers and Promotions for May 2024

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 13.05.2024

Many sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses to encourage bettors to register and become active users, but very few have bonuses as generous and considerate as the FanDuel offers, which we’ll explain in this article.

The FanDuel welcome bonus is what is commonly known in the sportsbook world as a “Bet and Get” offer, which is usually a straightforward deal. The sportsbook also offers several other rewards and loyalty programs to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement. Reading this review will help you understand their value and how to best take full advantage of them.

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FanDuel Sports Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Bank Transfer
Prepaid Card
Bonus Type
Welcome Bonus
1x Deposit
Min. Deposit

What Sign-Up Bonuses Does FanDuel Offer?

Fanduel sports betting
Fanduel live sports betting
Fanduel mobile main
Bet from anywhere with the Fanduel betting app

FanDuel Bonus Options for US Sports Bettors

Bet $5 and Get $200 in Bonus Bets in the US

New FanDuel users in the US can take advantage of the “Bet $5 and Get $200 in Bonus Bets if You Win” bonus. It requires you to sign up, make a $10+ deposit, and place a $5+ moneyline bet.

What makes this Bet and Get offer so great is that there are very little requirements attached to it. That means no rollovers, no minimum odds, and few limitations on how to use your bonus bet credits, which we will get into more throughout this guide.

No Sweat First Win Bet in the US

FanDuel can refund you up to $200 on your first win bet in horse racing, which is an offer you can opt for instead of the Bet and Get offer. It requires you to join FanDuel Racing and place your first “to win” bet on a single horse. If it settles as a loss, FanDuel refunds you the stake as a non-withdrawable racing bonus.

As with other betting bonuses, the FanDuel welcome bonuses have specific terms and conditions you should know and adhere to to be eligible and maximise their benefits. In a nutshell, here are some terms to keep in mind:

  • You must be a resident of an FDR participating state and be logged in to your FDR account
  • Only single horse wagers on win/place, win/show, win/place/show will be eligible
  • You’ll get your bonus within 96 hours

Looking for a FanDuel Bonus from Ontario?

Unfortunately, not all regional sportsbooks of FanDuel follow the same regulations. If you’re a sports bettor interested in the Ontarian FanDuel sportsbook, you should head to FanDuel’s official sportsbook page to see if anything applies to you.

Sports Bonus
Welcome Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
Min. Deposit: $10
Cashable: No
Odd: -
T&Cs apply, 21+

How to Use the FanDuel Welcome Bonus

In this section, we’ve decided to map out how to use the main welcome bonus, as that is the most versatile one for all bettors, not just horse racing. To qualify for the FanDuel welcome bonus, you must be a new user, who has never placed a cash wager with the sportsbook.

If you qualify, follow the steps below to qualify, claim, and use the bonus.

  1. Sign Up for FanDuel Sportsbook and Make the Initial Deposit
    Visit the FanDuel Sportsbook landing page click the “Join Now” button and follow the instructions to sign up. After signing up, deposit at least $10 using one of the many deposit methods that FanDuel offers.
  2. Place Your First Wager
    Place your first moneyline of at least $5 (it must be a single wager). A moneyline wager is a bet on which team or competitor will win, regardless of the final margin. There is no restriction on odds.
  3. Receive Your Bonus
    After placing your first wager, you become eligible for the $200 in sportsbook bonus bets. You will get it within 72 hours of placing the bet.
  4. Use the Bonus to Bet
    You cannot transfer or withdraw the bonus. You can only use it to bet on your preferred sport and market. You don’t have to use it in lump sum, but you should spend it all before it expires.

Top 5 Tips for Using the FanDuel Welcome Bonus

Here are some tips for using the bonus to help you maximize its value, avoid violating the terms and conditions, and optimize your wagering strategies to increase the chances of success.

Try Not to Bet It All in One Go

The $200 welcome bonus that FanDuel offers expires seven days after they credit it to your account. It’s a large sum of bonus credits compared to a very short timer period to use it. Although using it in one lump sum bet could be the easiest way to use it all before it expires, we still recommend placing multiple informed bets to maximise potential winnings.

Cashing Out Invalidates the Bonus

Cashing out your first wager means closing your bet before the game ends to secure a portion of your winnings or minimise losses, which is a feature allowed on FanDuel. However, cashed-out bets don’t satisfy the welcome bonus requirements, even if you win, so avoid cashing out on your bonus credit bets.

Avoid Excluded Payment Methods

You must deposit at least $10 and use at least $5 to place your first wager to be eligible for the bonus. However, deposits made via PayNearMe or a physical “cash-at-counter” location are excluded from the bonus.

Know that All Markets are Included

You must place the first $5 real money wager in the moneyline market. However, once you receive the bonus bets, you can use it to wager on any market in the FanDuel Sportsbook. That means even less stress when it comes to placing your perfect bets, as most other sportsbooks will be more specific on which markets are okay to bet on with  your bonus credits.

Select the Bonus Bets when Wagering

You must manually select the Sportsbook Bonus Bets in the bet slip window when wagering. If you don’t, you might unintentionally wager using the deposited funds, risking your own money and increasing the chance of your Bonus Bets expiring.

FAQ About the FanDuel Bonus

🔎 Can I withdraw the FanDuel Bonus?

No, you cannot. FanDuel awards you with bonus bets or bet credits, not real money. You can only use the bonus to bet and withdraw any winnings. The stake is not returned, which is a common practice with bonus credits.

🙋 What happens if you place a bonus bet?

If you place a bonus bet, your bonus bet balance is reduced. For example, if you bet $10 in bonus bets from your $200, you have $190 in bonus bets remaining whether you win or lose. If you win, you keep the profit only, not the stake in bonus bets. Choose bets wisely, as you can’t change bets after if you make a mistake.

🤔 Can I claim the bonus with any payment method?

You can claim the winnings from your bonus bets with any payment method, but you cannot withdraw the bonus itself. Also remember that using PayNearMe or a physical “cash-at-counter” location will make your deposit to claim the bonus credits ineligible.

🥺 Are the FanDuel bonuses available in all US states?

No, they are not. The bonuses FanDuel offers in the US are available only in certain states due to different sports betting laws. The only similar bonuses are the refer-a-friend and same game parlay bonuses, but the same game parlay bonuses have different details and requirements.

😟 When do FanDuel bonuses expire?

FanDuel bonuses have different expiry periods. Many, like the US bonuses described earlier, expire in 7 days, but some, like the Refer-a-Friend bonus, expire after 14 days, if not used for wagering.

FanDuel’s Player Club and Other Loyalty Promos

The FanDuel sportsbook in the US offers several rewards and loyalty programs to retain its customers and gain a competitive advantage. They also reward regular activity, encouraging users to stay active on the platform. That is why it is one of the best betting sites online.

Referral Programs

You can invite your friends to join FanDuel Sportsbook using your referral link and you will both get $50 in sportsbook bonus bets.

To qualify, your referral must use your link to register on FanDuel via mobile web, make a $10+ deposit, and place and settle any bet of $10+. You and your friend will receive the referral bonuses within 72 hours of settling their first $10+ bet.

25% Profit Boost

Click the “Claim Now” button on the homepage to claim your 25% Profit Boost Token. You must meet two requirements to claim and use the Profit Boost Token.

  • Ensure the wager you place must have +400 final odds or longer before claiming to qualify.
  • You can only use the token on any 3+ Leg Same Game Parlay/Same Game Parlay Plus wager on any NFL game.

The profit boost is located in the bet slip window of your FanDuel account. You must manually select the Sportsbook Profit Boost Token to redeem the bonus.

If you use a token and win, you can withdraw the cash winnings and the initial stake. Like the welcome bonus, cashed-out bets and bets placed using bonus funds, bonus bets, and site credit are ineligible for the Profit Boost.

FanDuel Players Club

FanDuel automatically enrols you in their Players Club when you join. You earn FanDuel Points (FDP) every time you enter a paid contest: each dollar you spend on paid contests earns you 5 FDP, but you can earn more during promotions.

You’ll get special rewards based on the amount of FDPs you earn every month. For example, the FDPs you earn in January determines your Players Club status and rewards for February.

The more you play, the more you earn, and the higher your Players Club status. Here are the Players Club levels, the amount of FDPs you need, and the perks you get in each level.

Players Club levelsFDPs neededPerks and rewards
Free Agent50$250 Monthly Free Play and $50 Weekly Free Play
Practice Squad125$500 Monthly Free Play and $125 Weekly Free Play
Reserve250$1,000 Monthly Free Play and $200 Weekly Free Play
Prospect500$2,000 Monthly Free Play and $400 Weekly Free Play
Rookie1,250$3,000 Monthly Free Play and $500 Weekly Free Play
Pro2,500$4,000 Monthly Free Play and $750 Weekly Free Play
AllStar7,500$7,000 Monthly Free Play and $1,000 Weekly Free Play
MVP25,000$20,000 Monthly Free Play, Access to Special Promotions, and Premium Customer Support
Hall of Famer125,000$20,000 Monthly Free Play, Access to Special Promotions, Premium Customer Support, Personal Account Manager, and FanDuel Merchandise
Legend600,000$20,000 Monthly Free Play, Access to Special Promotions, Premium Customer Support, Personal Account Manager, and FanDuel Merchandise
GOAT2,500,000$20,000 Monthly Free Play, Access to Special Promotions, Premium Customer Support, Personal Account Manager, and FanDuel Merchandise

You can use the FDP instead of money to enter a paid contest, but it won’t affect your perks or status. FDPs expire after one year of inactivity.

FanDuel Sports Bonus

FanDuel Bonuses at a Glance

Fanduel mobile sports betting
Fanduel mobile sports betting
Fanduel mobile app
Fanduel mobile betting app

FanDuel offers bonuses and promotions that run for a few to several months. Their latest Bet $5 and Get $200 in Bonus Bets offer is one of their most generous promotions in recent months. This guide reviews this bonus to help you understand whether it is worth your time and make the most of it before it ends.

Smooth Sailing With the FanDuel Welcome Bonus

To fully understand whether this welcome bonus is worth the hype, we registered with FanDuel to gain first-hand experience and write an accurate and unbiased FanDuel review.

The first step was to sign up, which was pretty straightforward. Even without experience, we easily found our way around the mobile application thanks to the user-friendly design. The option to sign up with a Facebook account cut the sign-up time to a couple of minutes. You could even use a FanDuel Fantasy account to log into the sportsbook.

With a debit card, we placed a deposit of $15 and placed a moneyline wager of $5 on the Lakers to beat the Pacers in the NBA In-Season Tournament finals. Locating the game, analysing the odds, and placing the bet took only a few minutes with the intuitive layout.

After about two days, we received the Sportsbook bonus bets without following up. We could use it to bet in any market, which was fantastic for exploring both familiar and new markets.

Withdrawing Your FanDuel Bonus

You cannot withdraw your FanDuel bonuses, as is the case at most competitor sites. You must use them to wager, and if you win, you may receive the winning portion (not the stake portion) of the wager as withdrawable cash.

You can withdraw as soon as your winnings from the bonus bets reach the minimum withdrawal limit. There is no minimum requirement to wager or number of bets to place before withdrawing, and you don’t have to use your bonus bets in a lump sum.

The bonus bets must be used to wager to turn them into cash in 7 days, or they will expire. To use them, select them in the betslip window of your FanDuel account manually. Remember that you can use them to wager on any market on FanDuel, except for Round Robin and Same Game Parlay Plus wagers.

Don’t Make These Mistakes when Claiming the FanDuel Bonus

Although the process of claiming the FanDuel offer is direct, you should be aware of the potential pitfalls and tips to use when claiming the bonus to avoid mistakes that can render you ineligible. Here are some pitfalls and tips you should be aware of when claiming the bonus:

  • A cashed-out bet isn’t eligible for a bonus, as mentioned earlier. If you’re an avid in-play bettor, resist the urge to cash out your bets before the event or game ends to avoid invalidating your bonus credits.
  • Check whether your jurisdiction is eligible for the bonus before claiming. It would be a waste of time and effort to start the process only to realise your jurisdiction isn’t considered. State rules apply.
  • Pay taxes on all your winnings, including winnings from bonus bets. FanDuel tracks all your winnings, so you can’t fail to pay taxes on them.
  • If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, don’t suffer in silence. FanDuel customer support is available 24/7 to assist you. You can reach them via the live chat option, social media messages, email, or call them directly at 646-930-0860.

Use these tricks to use when claiming the bonus helps you make the most of your bonus while avoiding any adverse consequences.

Our Verdict on the FanDuel Welcome Bonus

FanDuel offers a very generous welcome bonus. You only need to bet $5 and get $200 in bonus bets if you win. We had a very good first-hand experience with it. The sign-up process was a breeze, the site layout is easy to navigate, and we had no trouble betting and receiving the bonus.

The welcome bonus is only for wagering, not withdrawing. However, any winnings from the wagers are withdrawable. Although the process of claiming the bonus is direct, avoid the mistakes we have discussed to ensure you’re eligible.

Sports Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Bank Transfer

Recapping the FanDuel Offers

FanDuel offers generous promotions to attract and retain customers, particularly in the US.The Bet $5+ and Get $200 in Bonus Bets if you win and No Sweat First Bet Up To $200 welcome bonuses kickstart your betting experience and allow you to explore and wager at less risk to your own cash. With our helpful steps and tips to using the bonuses, you’ll be able to claim your bonus credits in no time. Promotions, rewards, and loyalty programs like the 25% Profit Boost and FanDuel Players Club enhance your betting experience and ensure you continue getting excellent value for your money.

Most of these generous offers last for at least a month or two, but check the site regularly for updated information on all promotions available in your region.

Sports Bonus
Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets if your bet wins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Bank Transfer

More Notable FanDuel Questions Answered

❓ Can I claim multiple FanDuel bonuses?

No, you can’t. FanDuel limits all players to one welcome deal. Before claiming, research the different welcome deals to determine which best meets your needs and preferences, as choosing one will naturally preclude the other.

🤷 Can I claim the FanDuel bonus from a mobile device?

Yes, you can. You can use your mobile app to claim the bonuses and use them to bet.

😕 Am I eligible for the FanDuel bonus?

FanDuel bonuses vary in eligibility requirements, which depend on the region/state you are playing from. Visit the official FanDuel website or read our FanDuel bonus reviews to understand what you need before you try to claim a bonus.

🤔 Do I need a FanDuel promo code to claim the bonuses?

In most cases, you don’t need a FanDuel bonus code to claim the new user bonuses. You only need to follow the instructions in the T&Cs, then FanDuel will credit the bonus to your account. Still, you should double check the official rules for any offer, which are always subject to change.

💰 Can I access the winnings from the bonus bets at any time?

Yes, you can. However, you must wager your bonus in full to access them.

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