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Discover the Best Cash Out Betting Sites in 2024: Expert Rankings

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Last Updated on 17.05.2024

Betting sites with cash out are popular among online sports bettors. Cash out means you can withdraw your bet before a game or event is finished. You can withdraw either part of your bet or the total bet.

But how do you know when to cash out? While cashing out can sometimes help, it is not always the right move. Sometimes, just waiting it out can be much more profitable. Keep reading for some tips and strategies on the best cash out bookies and to learn when and when not to cash out.

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The Best Cash Out Betting Sites in June 2024

What are Cash Out Betting Sites?

Cash out betting sites are betting sites with cash out features. Cash out features allow you to withdraw your stake, or part of it, before an event is finished. This means you can cut your losses and make at least some profit.

While there are plenty of cash out bookmakers to choose from, not all are equal. Some may have more cash out options than others, some processes could be smoother, and some cash out values are better than others. We know this is a lot to take in, so we’ve gone the extra mile and ranked the best cash out betting sites for 2023.

Exploring Top Three Cash Out Betting Sites

Here are the three top-ranked cash out bookmakers, based on our team of expert’s findings. Hopefully at least one of them may serve as a prime candidate for the best betting site with cash out for you.

Bet365: Wide Range of Sports Markets

Try fun sports betting at Bet365
Bet365 Sports Mobile
Bet365 mobile sports betting
  • Wide range of sports markets
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Live streaming
  • Cash out via mobile
  • No phone support
  • Few promotions for regulars

Bet365 is one of the best online betting sites for sports. This well-known sportsbook has a wide range of sports and markets to bet on, competitive odds, and live streaming options. The site has something for everyone. Whether you prefer the most popular sports or rather niche ones, Bet365 has it.

The cash out process at Bet365 is described as one of the fastest and smoothest. Cash Out is available on selected events, fixtures, and markets both pre-match and In-Play, and on a variety of sports including soccer, tennis, horse racing, cricket, and basketball. It is also available on single and multiple bets.

The site is fully mobile-compatible, so you can bet on and cash out on your favourite sports from any smartphone or tablet via browser, or opt for the downloadable Bet365 Android and iOS apps. All payments are set to be paid out in 1 – 3 working days for using card payment options such as Visa and MasterCard. What’s more is that e-wallets take quicker to process and usually clear in your account within 24 hours or less.

On top of easy access to your winnings, Bet365 has plenty of bonuses and promotions for both new and regular customers. The site always has at least one sports welcome offer running, as well as sport-specific bonuses, cashback for its regulars, and even the Bet365 VIP club where members get exclusive bonuses, personal account managers, and event invitations.

Betway: Versatile Betting Platform

Betway sport pro contra
Bet on your favorite sport teams at Betway
Betway sports mobile
Betway mobile sports betting
  • Live sports betting
  • Mobile app
  • Secure platform
  • 24/7 Support
  • Cash out option not guaranteed
  • Limited e-sports

Betway is a reliable online betting platform where the cash out process is designed to be smooth and fast. Cash Out is available on many events or sports markets on Betway. This includes most of the major soccer betting markets like Premier League results, both teams to score, over and unders, etc.

However, it’s important to note that Betway does not guarantee to offer a Cash Out at any time or on any game. Only markets marked with the CO logo are available for cash out, so be sure to look out for that if you plan on utilising the feature.

At Betway, you can choose from many sports, from popular sports like rugby, football, cricket, and tennis to niche sports like darts. You also have the option of watching and betting on events in play with live streaming.

The site is mobile-compatible and adapts to smaller screens perfectly, whether on a smartphone or tablet, so you can bet directly and use the cash out feature from your mobile browser or the Android or iOS app. Should you run into any issues obtaining your winnings, you can chat with customer support anytime via live chat.

22Bet: Best Online Betting Odds

22Bet Sports
Bet on different sport games at 22Bet
22Bet sport betting
22Bet mobile sports betting
  • Excellent customer support
  • Diverse sports markets
  • Mobile app
  • In-play betting
  • Cash out in full only
  • Lacks special bets

22Bet is a popular online sportsbook that offers a bit for everyone, whether you’re a fan of football, tennis, basketball, or more niche sports. In addition to traditional sports betting, the site offers in-play and virtual sports betting.

The cash out process on 22Bet is designed to be straightforward. Cash out is available on all kinds of sports and events. This includes football, ice hockey, cricket, handball, American football, esports, baseball, basketball, rugby, and more.

Cash out is available throughout the day on a high amount of in-play betting. However, bear in mind that 22Bet only offers the classic variation of the cash out feature, meaning you can cash out in full. There are no such things as Auto Cash Out or Partial Cash Out at 22Bet.

The entire process takes less than a minute, and the money will be transferred to your specified e-wallet within 15 minutes. Another thing to note is that the operator may temporarily disable this function during certain events that may have an impact on the odds and your potential winnings.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to use the cash out feature, especially thanks to all the betting bonuses found at 22Bet, including welcome offers exclusively for new members and reload bonuses and cashback for regular bettors, which keep your bankroll healthy. For any doubts regarding these offers or cash out terms, you can contact the support team 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone.

How We Rank the Best Bookmakers with Cash Out

Most live betting sites include the cash out feature in some way or another, and there are many factors of cash out betting to explore. Here are some of the aspects we considered when selecting the best betting site with cash out:

  • Dependability: How fast and smooth is the cash out process on the site? How often is cash out available and not suspended?
  • Availability: How many events or sports markets on a site offer the cash out feature? Are there any live events with cash out?
  • Value: How fair and generous is the cash out value on the site? How does it compare to the original odds and the potential payout?
  • Flexibility: How much control and choice do you have over your cash out options on the site? Can you cash out in full or partially? Can you set auto cash out rules?
Bet365 Bet365 Review
T&Cs apply, 21+

Tips and Strategies for Cash Out Betting Sites

Cashing out can seem like a great way to cut back on losses if your bet is not going your way. But it should be used appropriately. Knowing when it’s the best time to cash out takes a lot of skill and practice.

Keep an Eye on the Game

Everything that happens in a game or event can change the odds of your bet and, as a result, the value of the cash out. For example, every goal or substitution will affect the odds and the cash out value. So, if you are thinking of cashing out, keep an eye on any changes in the market or game and how they will affect the cash out value.

Understand the Odds

The higher the odds that your bet will win, the higher the value of the cash out. The opposite also applies. The lower the odds that your bet will win, the lower the cash out value. So, understanding the odds and how they change during a game is a crucial part of the cash out strategy.

Set Auto Cash Out

Cashing out is all about time. You can miss your opportunity in seconds. Auto cash out is the solution to this problem. As the name suggests, auto cash out cashes out automatically when the cash out value reaches or exceeds a certain amount. So, you set your auto cash out margin, and the auto cash out feature does the rest.

Learn and Experiment

Cash outs have different results, which depend on the situation and the plan. So, you must learn from your own experiences and results by keeping track of what worked in what conditions. If a cash out worked in a previous similar situation, try it again in your current one to see if it works the same. Also, learn from your mistakes and try different cash out plans; for example, if you previously cashed out early, try cashing out late, or instead of cashing out some, cash out all.

Cashing Out Free Bets

The rule for cashing out free bets is normally that you cannot do that. Some bookmakers deactivate that option for free bets, meaning you have to let the bet ride in order to see if you are a winner.

On occasion this might be different. You could have a bonus bet for an acca or bet builder, and some bookmakers will have the cash out option working. Your cash out value will have to exceed the free bet amount before you can cash out.

Using Cash Out on Parlays and Accumulators

Parlays and accumulators (basically the same thing) are a very popular option when it comes to sports betting. Over the years, the question ‘can you cash out parlays early?’ is commonly asked. The answer is yes.

Doubles, trebles and multiple accas are all available when it comes to cash out betting. Well, obviously it depends on the sport. Soccer accumulators are the most popular when it comes to accas.

Punters will place a five team acca, for example, and four of them have already come in with the final game being a late kick-off. The punter will start to panic now and will check whether or not the cash out is worth pressing before the other game kicks off.

You are always better checking your selected site before placing any parlay or acca to see if cash out is an option.

Different Types Of Cash Out

Being honest, having a cash out option can sometimes be a hindrance but they are very popular and could end up being lucrative if you fully understand how they work.

We mention understanding how cash outs really work. When plotting your betting strategy, you will notice that some of the top UK bookmakers will have a couple of options. Here is a brief example of those options.

Full Cash Out

The full cash out option is the most popular method when it comes to sports betting. It will allow punters to end the bet at any time and receive some form of pay out. A lot of bettors will only use the cash out function late into the game if they have serious doubts over the bet actually coming in.

By using the full cash out, the bettor will take a portion of their winnings depending on how the game is going and how many minutes are left in the match. The amount you cash out on will be less than what you would return if the bet ran its course, but sometimes taking a little hit is worth it just to have some money returned.

Partial Cash Out

The partial cash out is similar to the full cash out, but it gives you a chance to boost your overall winnings. You can use the partial option to cash out a percentage of the bet and let the rest of the bet run until the end of the game.

You will claim an amount by using the partial cash out method, and if the bet ends up being a winner you will then receive the remaining amount left on the bet. If you use the partial cash out and the bet does not win, you will get what you initially cashed out and no more.

Auto Cash Out

Not all UK bookmakers offer an auto cash out function, but it is slowly becoming more and more popular.

Out of the bookmakers that use auto cash out, Bet365 are the frontrunners. This method allows bettors to create a rule – or set value – of an amount you wish to receive from the bet (within reason).

Once that set amount has been reached, the bet will automatically cash out. It makes sense because you have already agreed that you would be happy to win that amount of money.

How to Cash Out

Only the actual bettor knows the right time to cash out. You might feel your selected team is losing their way and might concede a goal, so you cash out. That is just what happens when you have an online betting cash out option. You need to know the right time.

There is no guideline on when you should actually cash out, but there are steps to follow in order to complete a successful cash out.

  1. Log in to your selected online bookmaker
  2. Select the bet you want to cash out
  3. See if there is a cash out amount available to you
  4. Click on the cash out icon
  5. Confirm you want to cash out
  6. The amount will then go into your betting account

Understanding Cash Out at Betting Sites

It is important to understand the dynamics of a cash out bet. Knowing what you can actually use betting cash out on and why it might not be available.

What Markets Can I Cash Out On?

Not every single sports betting market has a cash out function. That is very important to know. Below is the list of markets that will constantly have a cash out function.

  • Match winner
  • Both teams to score
  • Over/Under goals
  • Correct score
  • Anytime goalscorer
  • Outright winner of tournament

When Can I Not Use Cash Out?

Cash out will not always be available to you. We have already covered that not every sports betting market is available with cash out, but there are other reasons as well.

The main reason why cash out will not be available is when the bet has no real chance of winning. For example, if you have backed Manchester United to beat Manchester City and the Blues are 2-0 up, there will not be a cash out price available.

If you are using a Free Bet from a betting welcome offer, then there will not be cash out available if the value is less than the free bet amount. Cash out will only appear once your bet has cleared that free amount. That is not always the case though, some free bets like shots on target will not have cash out available with a free bet.

Why Is Cash Out Suspended?

The main and most popular reason why your cash out will be suspended is because something important has occurred in the match you are betting on. This could be a goal, VAR being checked or even a red card.

The best betting sites for cash out will suspend any cash out options if something relevant happens. This allows them to adjust the odds and cash out offered. Nothing underhand is going on, it’s just procedure.

Cash Out Betting Sites: Payment Methods and Withdrawal Times

Cashing out is an action that can happen in a matter of seconds, but that doesn’t mean you should expect instantaneous processing of your funds as well. See here a list of typical cash out payment methods along with their expected withdrawal times.

Payment MethodWithdrawal Time
Bank transfer3-5 business days
E-wallets24 hours or less
Debit and credit cards3-5 business days
Check1-2 weeks
Cryptocurrency10 minutes or less

Note that on top of the natural variations between payment methods, withdrawal times may also differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. Some sportsbooks will also have a processing period before you can withdraw.

Cash Out Bookmakers: When Not to Cash Out

Cash out can be an excellent way to make more or lose less money from your bets, but it’s not always the best option. Let’s see some reasons why you should not cash out early.

The Payout is Significantly Lower than the Potential Win

If you’re a seasoned sports bettor, chances are you did your due diligence before placing a bet. So if you’re absolutely confident your bet will win and the cash out value is much lower than the potential win, don’t cash out. In this case, cashing out will reduce winnings instead of increasing profits. Just stick it out, and you could end up winning a lot more.

You’re Driven By Emotion

All sports betting decisions should be made based on facts and statistics, never feelings. When driven by emotion, you do not think clearly and cash out too early due to fear based on what’s currently happening in the game. In this case, cashing out based on your gut can cost you.

Your Team is Behind Early in the Game

Fear can be a major motivator for cashing out, especially if things are not looking too good for your bet at the start of a game. But your team can make a comeback. Remember the Springboks’ epic comeback against England in the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup? So, wait a while and see how the game progresses. By cashing out, you might settle for less than what you would have gotten if you had waited.

Your Parlay Only Needs One More Leg

Parlays pay out a lot more than standard bets. So, if you are missing just one leg, it might be worth sticking it out. If you cash out early, you’ll get just a fraction of the winnings.

You’re Unfamiliar with the Process

Cash out processes differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. For example, some sportsbooks have a limited number of cash outs, and some may charge fees for every early cash out, etc. So, always familiarize yourself with the process and policies before jumping in.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Betting Sites with Cash Out

  • Various types of cash out
  • Available on many markets
  • Live betting cash outs
  • Reduces losses
  • Returns are less than potential winnings

A Betting Site with Cash Out: Final Thoughts

Finding the best cash out betting sites is harder than you think. Things to consider include how many markets offer cash out, if you can cash out during live betting, and the payment methods available for cashing out. Once you have found the perfect betting site, you must learn to use the cash out feature to your advantage because, contrary to popular belief, it’s not always a good idea to cash out. If you are ready to try your hand at the exciting cash out feature, check out one of our recommended sportsbooks.

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Betting Sites with Cash Out Helpful Inquiries

🏧 What is cash out?

Cash out is a feature offered by sportsbooks where you can cash out part of or a total bet while an event is in play.

🥇 Which are the best cash out sites?

You can find some of the best betting sites with cash out right here on this page.

⏳ When do I use cash out?

When you are not confident that your bet will win or simply when you have changed your mind.

🧐 How do I know if my betting site offers cash out?

You can look for the cash out icon on your bet slip.

👎 Are there any downsides to cashing out?

Yes. You could incur a loss on a bet that ends up winning and lose money if the cash out value is lower than the potential winnings.

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