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Euro 2024 Betting Bonuses & Offers: Fully Tested

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Last Updated on 31.05.2024

Kick-off in Munich is just around the corner, and if you fancy a bet, you can find the top Euro 2024 bonuses right here. You have never had more choice for football betting offers than you do now.

Of course, this can make it tougher to find the right bonus, for you, which is where we come in. Our experts have rated the best football betting sites and in the banners on this page, you can see the best offers you can use to bet on Euro 2024.

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Explore the Range of Euro 2024 Bonuses

Helping you to find the best bookmaker bonuses for Euro 2024

The biggest international tournament of the year is just around the corner, which is the most exciting time of the year for sports betting fans. The 24-team tournament format means that there are 72 group games you can bet on, as well as 16 knockout games.

On top of that, you can also wager on the outright tournament winner, top scorer, and other futures markets, including player of the tournament odds. One of the best ways to boost the value of your bets is to find and use Euro 2024 betting offers.

That’s where we come in, as we have scoured the web and assessed the bonuses that are currently being offered by all of our top-rated betting sites ahead of the tournament. You can check out the best betting sites and bonuses for this year’s Euros right here on this page.

However, we don’t merely want to introduce you to the best offers, we also want to give you a bit more insight. Ultimately, we feel it is our job to help you get the most out of these offers, which is why we’ve also provided you with some top tips to help you get the most out of these offers.

Euro 2024 – The key information

Before we get to the specific business of the best bonuses, here’s a quick look at some of the key facts about this year’s tournament:

Tournament:Euro 2024
Dates:14th June – 14th July 2024
Number of teams:24
Number of stadiums:10
Opening fixture:Germany vs Scotland, Allianz Arena, Munich

Euro 2024 bookie bonuses – Pros and cons

Let’s kick off with a quick summary of the main pros and cons of using betting bonuses for Euro 2024:

  • Get free bets when you register with a new site
  • Enhance your odds
  • A more fun experience overall
  • Always T&Cs to look out for

First of all, let’s take a look at the promotions that are most commonly offered to new players on the top Euro 2024 betting sites. If you’re looking for specific offers where you are, you can find them via the banners on this page.

To supplement this, and to help you decide which type of offer suits you best, we have provided a short explanation about the most popular football betting welcome bonuses work. Of course, we have included some examples that show how theft can relate to and help you when betting on the Euros and football in general.

Bonus bets/Free bets

The most common and popular type of football welcome offer is the bonus bet, sometimes known as a “free” bet. This is a token that can be used as a single stake for any Euro 2024 bet.

For example, if you have a $10 bonus bet, you can use it as one $10 bet on a Euro 2024 game. You cannot, for instance, use it as 2 x $5 bets or 4 x $2.50 wagers.

Usually, to qualify for this type of offer, you will need to register a new bookmaker account and make a qualifying wager of the same value. For example, if there is a $10 welcome bonus bet, you would need to register, deposit, and bet $10 in real money first. However, in rare cases, you will find bonus bet offers that don’t require a deposit.

One of the great things about bonus bets is that they usually have very low wagering requirements, sometimes none at all. However, in most cases, your stake will not be included in your returns if you win. For example, if you were to use a $10 bonus bet at odds of 2.5 and win, your payout would be $15 as opposed to $25.

Bonus bet example:Bet $25 get a $25 free bet
Main advantages:
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible T&Cs
Common conditions to look out for:

  • Bonus bet value not included in your returns
  • Minimum odds
  • Specific bet types

Deposit match bonuses for Euro 2024

The other most common bonus type for new players at an online football bookie is a deposit match. This involves the betting operator giving you bonus credits that are equal to a percentage of your first deposit, usually 100%.

For example, if the promotion is 100% up to $100 and you registered and deposited $100, you would get $100 in bonus credits. Of course, the betting site cannot afford to simply give away free money, so there are some terms and conditions attached.

The thing that you need to look out for first and foremost are wagering requirements. This requires you to turn the bonus value over a certain amount in real money before you can withdraw your bonus credits and winnings. For instance, if the $100 deposit match has a 5x wagering requirement, you would need to bet $500 in real money within the bonus time limit before the withdrawal.

Moving back to the positives, these types of Euro 2024 bonuses tend to be more flexible in how you can use them. Unlike bonus bets, you usually can use deposit match bonus credits across multiple wagers, rather than just as a single-stake bet. Moreover, your stake is included in your returns, you just have to meet the wagering requirement to convert it to your real money balance.

Additionally, these bonuses are more flexible and accessible to players of all budget levels. In the example that we have used above, $100 is the maximum deposit bonus that you can claim, but usually, the minimum deposit for this type of offer would be just $10 or $20.

Deposit match bonus example:100% up to $100
Main advantages:
  • Can be used as multiple stakes
  • Accessible deposit limits for all budgets
  • Generous time limits
Common conditions to look out for:
  • Wagering requirements
  • Restricted bet types
  • Time limits
  • Minimum odds

No deposit Euro 2024 betting offers

This is probably the rarest of all the Euro 2024 bonuses that we’ve covered but you can still find them from time to time. Basically, this refers to any type of welcome offer that doesn’t require you to make a deposit when you register.

As a result, these bonuses are usually pretty small in size, often under $5. Moreover, you will generally be required to make a real money deposit and wager after the bonus is done, as online bookmakers can’t afford to give all new players free money.

No deposit bonus example:$5 no deposit during Euro 2024
Main advantages:
  • Free to claim
  • Try the site with no deposit
Common conditions to look out for:
  • Subsequent deposit requirement
  • Wagering/turnover requirements
  • Minimum odds

Our favourite bonus offers

Euro 2024 betting bonuses for existing customers

The bookmakers don’t solely provide Euro 2024 betting offers for their new customers. Throughout the tournament, you will also find multiple offers that you can take advantage of as an existing player.

Here are some of the most common and best offers that we recommend using during the tournament:

Enhanced odds/odds boosts

This type of bonus offers you enhanced or better odds for a certain Euro 2024 game or market type. For instance, an online bookmarker might offer a boost on the odds on the Euro 2024 Golden Glove Award or top scorer. One of the great things about this bonus is that there are usually no wagering requirements or restrictions.

Acca insurance

These bonuses for Euro 2024 specifically apply to combo or accumulator bets. The usual format is that you will still get a payout if one of your acca selections loses on a combo bet with a specified minimum number of selections. For example, for the first game week, you might need an acca with a minimum of four game results to participate, and if just one of your selections loses, you would still get paid out in full or at a reduced price.


Unlike the other Euro 2024 bonuses that we’ve covered, this offer is based on your losing bets rather than your winning bets. For example, if the bookie offers you 10% cashback as an existing player, you would get 10% of your net losses back as a zero-wagering bonus at the end of the week.

Early cashout

This is technically more of a feature than a bonus, but it is still relevant. For most matches, and futures markets, such as the Euro 2024 Golden Boot odds, the bookies will offer you the chance to cash out early at a reduced price before the game finishes or the outcome has been concluded. For example, let’s say you’ve bet on Germany to beat Scotland 3-1 in the opening game in Munich and the score is 2-1 in the 85th minute, you would be offered the opportunity to cash out at slightly reduced odds.

Euro 2024 betting offers – Common T&Cs to Look Out for

As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and we mentioned earlier that all bonuses come with some terms and conditions attached. In the case of the best bonuses, these shouldn’t be too restrictive.

Still, it’s vital that you’re aware of the T&Cs so you know the parameters that are set and how you can work around them. With that in mind, here is a short explanation of the most common Euro 2024 bonus T&Cs:

Wagering requirementsYou need to turnover your bonus amount by a certain percentage before the withdrawal.5 x wagering on a $10 bonus (Play through $50 in real money)
Time limitThe time frame within which you have to use and wager the bonus.Use and wager the bonus within 14 days of making your first deposit.
Minimum oddsYou must use the bonus on a bet at the set minimum odds limit or greater.Minimum odds of 1.5 or greater.
Restricted bet typesSome bonuses for Euro 2024 can only be used on certain bet types, or certain bet types are exempt.Bonus not valid on exact score bets or player props.
Min/maximum deposit limitsThe minimum and maximum amount required to claim the bonus.100% deposit matches up to $100 maximum($10 minimum deposit).

Our top five expert tips for using these Euro 2024 offers

Now that we’ve introduced you to the best Euro 2024 betting offers, it’s time to take a look at how you can get the most out of them. As promised, here are our experts’ top five tips for using bonuses to bet on this year’s tournament:

Plan ahead

Before you have created your account, deposited or claimed your bonus, you should make a plan for using it. Decide your deposit amount, and bankroll management plan, and pick out the games and bets that you are going to use the bonus on in advance. Don’t claim the bonus first and then think of the details later, as this could lead to impulse decisions and a higher risk of losing.

Don’t stretch your budget

Never deposit and bet more than you can afford just to get bigger bonuses for Euro 2024. Doing so will in all likelihood just result in you losing more money, especially once you take the wagering requirements and time limits into consideration.

Don’t cash out early

Pretty much all Euro 2024 bonuses have a condition that excludes early cashout from bonus qualification. Even if the price offered to you is good, you should resist the temptation and see the wager out to its conclusion if you want to claim the bonus and take advantage of it.

Look for low odds

Always aim to use your bonus on a bet that’s as close to the minimum odds limit as possible. Naturally, high-odds bets can be tempting, but the chances of them actually happening are extremely low. You’re better off finding a balance and going for low-odds bets that have a realistic chance of giving you a return.

Avoid betting on your country

One of the greatest things about the Euros and international football, in general, is the passion that comes with supporting our home nations. However, this passion can cloud your judgment when it comes to betting. When using your Euro 2024 betting offers, avoid betting on your home nation so you can assess the games and betting options logically and pragmatically.

Conclusion – Check out the best bookmaker offers for Euro 2024 today

That just about sums up everything that you need to know about the best available bonuses for Euro 2024. Now, you can check out the top offers where you are directly by using the banners on this page. Additionally, keep an eye out on our site for the best offers, betting tips, and more once the tournament kicks off. Remember that you can always bookmark this page and refer back to our top tips to help you out when you are playing with and using your bonus offer.

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Euro 2024 bonuses FAQ

🤔 Where can I find betting offers for Euro 2024?

You can find the best betting offers for Euro 2024 and football in general right here at Our experts have rated and reviewed the top offers on the best bookmaker websites for this year’s tournaments. Moreover, the banners on our page will always show the offers that are available at the best online sportsbooks in your country and region.

💰What is the best bonus for Euro 2024?

There are many bonuses available to you if you want to bet on Euro 2024. To find the best ones where you are, check out our bonus reviews here at Our experts have tested and rated the best offers and we will bring you updated offers as and when they become available throughout the tournament.

⚽ Are there best odds bonuses for Euro 2024?

Yes, there are many betting sites with good odds and enhanced odds offers running throughout the tournaments. You can click on our website and discover the top offers where you are for June 2024.