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Bet9ja Bonus & Offers: All You Need to Know about Bet9ja’s Bonuses in 2024

Explore Bet9ja's Offers & Promotions

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 14.05.2024

Bet9ja is a major sports wagering provider based in Nigeria. It covers hundreds of sports markets and also offers virtual sports, lotto, and casino wagering. Users rate this platform for its excellent gaming selection and its generous Bet9ja bonuses.

Our guide focuses on discussing the promotions you’ll find on Bet9ja. You’ll learn details about each bonus, steps on how to use it, and tips on how to utilize each promo to its full potential. If that sounds good, make sure to read the specifics below before activating an offer!

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Bet9ja Sports Bonus
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Diving Into Bet9ja Bonus Offers

bet9ja Sports Bonus
Welcome Bonuses at Bet9ja
bet9ja cash out
Easy Cash Out

  • Winning boost bonus
  • User friendly site
  • Variety of bonuses
  • No welcome bonus

Unfortunately, there’s no welcome bonus available on the site. Bet9ja used to have a welcome bonus of up to NGN 100,000, but that’s not the case anymore.

You can enter a Bet9ja promo code during the registration process if you have one, but even if you don’t, the good news is that you can use other Bet9ja bonuses. Together with the features we covered in the Bet9ja review, that makes this website worth visiting. Let’s take a look at the offers that this provider has for new and loyal users!

Bet9ja Bonus on Winnings

If you pursue at least five or more selections on a single slip, you qualify for the winning boost bonus. The thing with this Bet9ja offer is that all selections picked should have odds of 1.20 or higher. The maximum win can be NGN 50,000,000, and the provider keeps the right to exclude some selections from this offer.There’s no need to use a Bet9ja promo code to activate this deal. Instead, you only have to add suitable events to the slip. And the bonus can go from 5% to a whopping 170%. Check out some examples of boosts in the table below!

Events on the SlipBonus Boost

Super9ja – Win NGN 10,000,000 by Predicting Correct Scores

All registered users can participate in this game without entering a Bet9ja bonus code or investing funds.The platform picks six matches for each round, and your task is to predict the correct score. You get ten points if you guess the score of the given match correctly (for example, Man City – Tottenham 2-0). A single point is awarded if you guess the winner correctly, but you can’t get more than ten points per match.

You also predict the total number of goals for the round, which serves as a tiebreaker if multiple users have the same number of points in this Bet9ja bonus game. If you guess all six results correctly, you’ll win NGN 10,000 via this Bet9ja offer. That’s not an easy task and doesn’t happen often. It’s why Bet9ja also has consolation prizes for each round. Based on the points won, here’s the prize structure:

1st placeNGN 100,000
2nd placeNGN 50,000
3rd placeNGN 30,000
4th placeNGN 20,000
5th placeNGN 15,000
6th – 10th placeNGN 7,500
11th – 15th placeNGN 2,000
16th – 20th placeNGN 500

Super9ja Cut 1 Bonus

If you play a multiple slip with at least five events, you can use the Super9ja Cut 1 bonus. You can pick which event to mark as the “Cut 1”. The platform will insist you tick a box to confirm you agree with a lower maximum payout. Your potential payout will depend on the odds of the winning events on your slip. The Cut 1 promotion doesn’t influence the winning boost bonus.

Steps to Using the Bet9ja Bonus Explained

Bet9ja promotions are only available to registered users. That means you need to have a valid account, which will require completing the sign-up form and verifying your phone number.

The actual ways to qualify for a Bet9ja bonus depend on the offer picked. Some are available for free and without entering Bet9ja promo codes. You activate others by adding the events that meet the bonus requirements to your slip. Here’s a quick explanation of how to use Bet9ja bonuses in general.

1. Sign up for an account

The actual process is free and only takes a few minutes. Fill out the necessary details and complete the registration.

2. Access your account

Log into your account by entering the selected username and password on the Bet9ja website.

3. Pick the bonus to use

You can check the details of Bet9ja bonuses on this page, or visit the Promotions section on the website.

4. Qualify for a bonus or promotion

Some bonuses require loading up your account with funds and placing a wager. Others are free to play, such as the Super9ja, just make sure you review the terms and conditions first.

If you get a Bet9ja bonus code, you need to enter it in the corresponding field during the registration process. Make sure to copy it correctly or you won’t activate the offer.

Top Tips to Use the Full Potential of the Bet9ja Bonus

It’s important to find top betting bonuses, but it equally matters to make the most out of each offer. Here’s how you can use the full potential of Bet9ja bonuses:

Pick Only 1.20 or Higher Odds for the Winning Bonus

You can add events with lower odds to your slip. However, they won’t enter the calculation for the bonus boost. That makes it an unnecessary risk to lose the wager because of an event that doesn’t contribute to this bonus.

Wager Smaller Amounts on the Winning Bonus

The maximum win is NGN 50,000,000. Even if you exceed it, you won’t win more than that. It’s why a better strategy could be to play more slips with a smaller amount.

Wager More to Win Cash Prizes at a Faster Rate

The more you wager on Bet9ja, the higher your rank is in the rewards program. And those ranked higher can qualify for cash prizes at a faster rate.

Keep Track of Your Slip for a Potential Cashout

While this isn’t exactly a Bet9ja bonus, it’s a feature that can be vital for all players. You can cash out before a match or during an event by using a live cashout. The winnings will be smaller but don’t hesitate to collect if you feel that’s better than waiting for all matches to end.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Chasing Boosts

Although the boosts get better the more events you add to your slip, it can be quite risky, especially if you’re not used to betting with so many at the same time. Limit yourself to a quantity of events per slip that you actually feel comfortable with.

FAQs About the Bet9ja Bonus

❓Can I use any payment method to claim Bet9ja bonuses?

Yes, all supported payment methods allow you to pursue Bet9ja promotions as long as you meet the bonus requirements.

⭐What are the best price odds offered by Bet9ja?

Bet9ja boosts odds on certain matches and promises the best-priced odds for those events in Nigeria. The list usually includes anywhere from five to ten matches, and you can discover the currently available events for this bonus on the website.

👍Is playing Super9ja on Bet9ja worth it?

Yes, especially because it’s free to play. Even if you don’t win the major prize, you can still qualify for consolation rewards, which are in total NGN 265,000 per round. Plus, you won’t need any Bet9ja promo codes.

📢Can I expect a winning boost on every slip played at Bet9ja?

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements. That means adding at least five events with odds of at least 1.20 to the slip.

❔How many events can I add to my Bet9ja slip?

The maximum number of events is 40 per slip.

For the Loyal Players at Bet9ja

Bet9ja offers a loyalty program to its regular players; it’s a bit basic, but it works perfectly. The qualifying term is to place a wager of at least NGN 100. You can bet on sports, in-play events and even in the casino on the website to earn points. Wagering on a single event in sports bets earns you a point per NGN 100 staked. But if you add three or four events to your slip, you earn two points per NGN 100. The number of points you earn increases gradually, with the highest level set at 21 or more events on your ticket, which grants you ten points per NGN 100 wagered.

As you earn points, you qualify for cash rewards and other incentives. This Bet9ja offer has multiple ranking levels. Those with higher ranks can expect to qualify for cash prizes at a faster rate. Here are the details of how many points you earn at a particular level.

LevelPoints NeededMultiplier
BlueInitial rank1x

Bet9ja Sports Bonus

Bet9ja Bonus

bet9ja main
Bet9ja League
bet9ja mobile
Bet9ja mobile site

If you check the Promotions section, you can see all bonuses currently available at Bet9ja. It’s great that the platform always tries to run multiple promo offers, despite its current lack of a main welcome bonus for new customers. Promotions like the Bet9ja bonus on winnings and the Super9ja keeps the fun going, but how do the bonuses work in practice? We tested these Bet9ja bonuses and these are our impressions!

A Live Test of Bet9ja Bonuses

It was necessary to create an account to use any Bet9ja, and that took only a couple of minutes. From there, we picked the winning boost bonus to test. It’s as easy as it can get because there’s no need to use a code, contact support, or do anything to activate it. Instead, the bonus percentage and the actual amount automatically shows on the slip.

The moment we added five events with the required odds to the slip, our bonus rate appeared. As we inserted another event, the bonus percentage and the actual amount both increased. And we tried adjusting the wagering sum – Bet9ja immediately recalculated the potential winnings. It all shows the bonuses work like a charm on this platform.

Is It Easy to Withdraw the Bet9ja Bonus?

If your slip turns out to be a winning one, you’ll receive the funds to your website balance. Those aren’t bonus funds but actual cash. That means you can withdraw them from your Bet9ja account easily.

There are no restrictions for the withdrawal, apart from meeting the minimum cashout requirements and providing identity verification documents if necessary.

Mistakes to Steer Clear of When Claiming and Using the Bet9ja Bonus

You can use the winning boost bonus on any slip as long as this promotion is active. Bet9ja has been running it for a while, and it seems like it’s here to stay, but always check before you bet in case it changes. There isn’t a minimum deposit amount specifically for the deal, so you can keep your wagers low if that’s your preference.

Don’t forget to check all the events you added to the slip. Remember that different sports markets qualify for the offer. If you don’t feel there are enough soccer matches, for example, don’t hesitate to add some basketball or tennis events.

Last Thoughts on the Bet9ja Bonus

Bet9ja might lack a classic welcome bonus, but the winning boost deal compensates for that well. You can use it on every slip to pursue the maximum NGN 50,000,000 prize. The provider made it possible to combine different sports markets and the qualification requirements to activate the bonus are low, which makes it a very accessible bonus.

Using the deal is as easy as ABC. The user-friendly interface ensures the bonus information updates as you add or remove events from the slip. It ensures you always know what exactly the bonus is, making everything transparent and this deal worth trying.

Concluding the Bet9ja Review

In summary, Bet9ja is a leading sports wagering provider in Nigeria. Notably, the Winning Boost Bonus allows users to enhance winnings up to 170%, and the Super9ja game provides opportunities to win up to NGN 10,000,000 in a single round. We hope our guide helped you understand the strategic use of bonuses, including tips like wagering small and not falling for the excitement of boosts when it’s beyond your normal betting routines. Don’t forget to take advantage of the loyalty program that rewards regular players with points and cash prizes, making Bet9ja a compelling platform for both new and loyal users.

Final Questions on Bet9ja Bonuses

⬇️ What is the minimum wagering amount for the Bet9ja winning bonus?

There’s no special minimum for this bonus, but you should have five events with odds of at least 1.20 on the slip.

🥇 What is the best bonus offered by Bet9ja?

The winning boost that goes up to 170% is the most generous, combined with the potential maximum win set at NGN 50,000,000.

👍 Is Bet9ja a reliable provider that pays out bonuses?

Yes, it’s a reputable and licensed provider based in Nigeria.

💰 How can I cash out on Bet9ja?

You do this by picking “My Bets” in your profile. If you have the Cash Out option with a slip, the icon will appear next to it.

💻 Do I need to have a Bet9ja account to use bonuses?

Yes, all promotions on Bet9ja are only available to registered players.

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