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BC Game Hash Game: Our complete Guide

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 19.05.2024

The BC.Game Hash collection is something of a flagship for BC.Game. No longer will us bettors be plagued with biased casinos or devious tricks! So, what have BC.Game introduced that is so revolutionary and lets you be in control?

BC.Game have created a system that utilizes a provably fair blockchain outcome that allows the results of a bet to be finalized before the game has started. We’ll stop there! Join us as we cover what provably fair means, what BC.Game Hash games are all about and how to make the most of it.

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Getting technical with provably fair blockchain games

You may not have heard of the term “provably fair”, but this is instrumental in cryptocurrency casinos. It’s a tool that can be used to certify the legitimacy of a casino, and whether the bets you place will be in good faith, or destined to crashland into the casino’s pocket. One of the ways of ensuring impartiality is through this handy algorithm called provably fair.

You will see it regularly used across cryptocurrency casinos, as it’s a foolproof way of ensuring the transparency and honesty of the casinos without them having to persistently send you “we are genuine” emails! There are a few terms you should become acquainted with before we start dishing out the details on provably fair blockchain and its relation to BC.Game.

  1. User Seed – Yes, you have a say in this too! Your browser provides a seed that can be altered by you and is integral to the impartiality of the game.
  2. Server Seed – This is the opposite. The casino will provide this. It likely constitutes 16 symbols and is instantly encrypted for security.
  3. Hash – Ah, Hash. This is exceptionally important in converting long code into a simpler form so that no party can influence it.

If you place a bet in a provably fair game, you will have the chance to check out the hashing and the seed. If it seems inconsistent, the platform is being biased. Avoid at all costs!

Are there any BC.Game Hash games?

Absolutely! BC.Game have developed an exceptional portfolio of BC.Game Hash games that entitle the user to pick from a variety of options and styles. After all, this is the brand that is certified via a Curacao eGaming license and has a clientele that offer testament to the impartiality and success of the platform.

So, when we discuss BC.Game Hash games, we can be assured that all of them are secure, offer reliability, and can offer positive results. We know what you are asking. What are BC.Game Hash Games?

The most common form of BC.Game Hash games are their respected BC.Game Originals. This portfolio of games equates to around 42 different options which cover classic card games like Blackjack, to the more BC.Game stylized Hash Dice and Plinko. Remember when we said the power is in your hands?

If you weren’t already convinced by our laudatory comments, you have the capability to see the outcomes of the games via the “return-to-player” tab that’s attached to each game.

We’ve broken down some of the key figures for you here:

Name of BC.Game OriginalReturn-to-player
Hash Dice99%
Classic Dice99%

How do I use Hash BC.Game?

Of course, this is the most important question to answer.

Before we get into you placing a bet, you need to understand what goes on behind the scenes. BC.Game uses a Hash sequence that essentially randomizes the possible outcomes for your game. This goes hand-in-hand with both cryptographic hashing and a commitment scheme that cohesively confirms the legitimacy of the bet and the influence you can have on the final outcome.

Perhaps the best method is to show you how this works. Let’s use an example like their most popular choice, Crash to see what it’s like from your perspective:

  • Load up Crash via the BC.Game app or site.
  • Place your bets
  • Keep an eye on the increasing multiplier and cash out before it plummets and “crashes’.

Quite easy, right? Well, BC.Game is working behind the scenes to make this seemingly simple game appear so effortlessly! It’s estimated that they produce around 10 million hashes that’s associated with 10 million outcomes. These are reversed, and it’s then in the arms of the player to cash out and unknowingly select the outcome.

Let’s see the process:

  • Game starts and the server instantly produces a 16-symbol code
  • The seed is promptly hashed via their SHA-256 algorithm.
  • Hash seed meets your seed and is hashed once more
  • The final seed is designated just for your bet and already decides the end of the game
  • You can view all the seeds and the hash to see if the game is impartial
BC.Game casino games
Play top hash and casino games at BC.Game
BC.Game mobile casino
BC.Game mobile casino

What to know before playing Hash at BC.Game

Before you confidently jump into BC.Game Originals and start utilizing the fantastic provably fair system, why not enhance it even further with a few BC.Game alternative bonuses? That’s right, you can take some of these bonuses into the playing arena with you! Keep in mind, however, that all bonuses at BC.Game have very specific terms and conditions and that you will need to fulfill wagering requirements before withdrawing your bonuses. It’s always best to read the bonus terms before claiming any offer at BC.Game.

Below are a few of the bonuses that we not only enjoy but also find very beneficial before and during game time.


Shitcodes are not as filthy as they sound. These BC.Game live codes are found via BC.Games social media handles and can produce fantastic rewards like BC.Game lucky spins and credits to reuse in other bets.

Welcome bonus

Fancy a starting bonus? How about four! BC.Game uses a four-pronged system to entitle you to phenomenal bonuses, ranging from 180% on the first deposit to a whopping 360% by the fourth deposit. You just need to ensure you’ve conducted all the playthrough requirements to unlock the rewards.

Referral system

Referring a friend is good for the soul, not to mention earns you a few perks with BC.Game. You can receive a 25% commission and a total of $1,000 per invitee. However, they must be consistent with their bets and fulfill playthrough requirements for you to receive your funds.

What do we think of the BC.Game Hash collection? Take a look below:

  • Plenty of Hash BC.Game offers online
  • Qualifies as impartial due to their provably fair system
  • Can be used in conjunction with other bonuses
  • It’s a concept that requires a little getting used to


BC.Game Hash can be understood if you take your time. However, there’s no prerequisite as it happens behind the scenes and ensures your gameplay remains impartial and fair to both you and the casino. With upwards of 40 games to choose from, you will never be bored of the options.

Remember, use your BC.Game promo codes to enhance your gameplay. Other than that, have a great time betting!

Frequently asked questions

👀 What does Hash BC.Game mean?

It’s a thorough hashing sequence that allows options like BC.Game Originals be completely impartial by deciding the outcome before the game and altering your and the casino’s seeds.

🚀 How good are Hash BC.Game options?

You won’t be disappointed. With over 40 different choices to pursue from, it covers card games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Video Poker to their specialized Limbo and Crash titles.

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