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BC Game Android App 2024: How to Download and Play Mobile

Dave Kuzio
Fact checked by: Jim Knight
Last Updated on 23.05.2024

The BC.Game android app is technically not an app, but an apk downloaded via the internet to replicate an app style of the website. Now, we won’t get into all the details just yet, but be assured that you will not be missing out on any key features.

So, we will cover everything that relates to BC.Game android, including the download process, maximising its potential, and all the features and perks you can receive when opting to download the BC.Game Android apk. Allow us to cover everything you need to know behind BC.Game android.

Payment Methods
Mobile Accessibility
Android, iOS (Apple)
Customer Support
Live Chat, Email, Phone
Security & Licencing
VIP Promotions
VIP Club
Betting Markets
27 Sport Types: Basketball, Cycling, Dog Racing, Darts, and many more
Odds Level
85% – 95%
Special Functions
Tax-Free Promotions, Cash Out, Live Streams
Live Betting

Defining what BC.Game android is

BC.Game android relates to the phenomenal website being essentially “shrunk” down to suit a mobile application. As opposed to using a website, you can feasibly download it into an app and use it like that.

However, it’s not as simple as your standard Google Play apps. These are simply downloaded via entering the name of the application into its search bar. To utilise a BC.Game android download, you need to locate an apk version, the equivalent of an internet download in the form of an app. Before you start worrying about your favourite features being marginalised or removed completely, the experience remains the same from the website to the app.

The key question is, how do I find BC.Game download apk for android? Allow us to take you step by step below:

How to download BC.Game android

The process behind the BC.Game download for android is not as simple as using Play Store, but it’s also not too arduous so don’t feel under pressure!

  1. Open Chrome – Access the search browser Chrome to reveal a new webpage
  2. Type in BC.Game – Search in BC.Game to open up the website. Make sure you click the correct site!
  3. Install the page – Find your options tab and click download. This should either say “Download” or “Install App” depending on your phone.
  4. Locate the apk – To install BC.Game onto your mobile, you will need to open your folder application and find the download. Click into it and give all the relevant permissions to download the app. Once completed, it should be present on the main page of your mobile.

Steps to playing at BC.Game on android

Congratulations, you’ve started your journey on downloading BC.Game! You are well on your way to enjoying fantastic features and bonuses from the comfort of your mobile!

Before you can start placing bets, there are a few things you should do:

Prepping your account

Are you fully acquainted with the app? If you already have an account, the process is a case of inserting your username and password and logging into your account. However, if you are yet to sign up, you will need to create an account and insert all of your details, including your date of birth to make sure you’re of legal age to play at BC.Game.

Depositing funds

If you’ve decided on your ideal bet, you need to deposit funds to place it. To do this, go to the deposit tab, select your desired payment method and insert all your details.

Withdrawing balance

On the other side of depositing funds, you will also want to be able to withdraw your money! Find the withdraw tab, choose your amount to remove and confirm it. The time it takes for you to receive your withdrawal varies depending on which payment option you choose.

Time to play

You’ve prepped everything, including choosing your wager and what you want to bet on. Now you can start enjoying over 40 sports, thousands of slots and a range of provably fair games that glean impartial outcomes.

Choosing your ideal bet

What should you go for in terms of placing a bet? It’s entirely up to you! Below is a table which displays the most popular wagering options:

BC.Game SportsThe sports page from BC.Game covers a range of events, including Artistic Swimming and Beach Volleyball to the more popular Basketball, Baseball, NFL and Soccer.
BC.Game LotteryThis is a provably fair game that entitles users to win daily prizes. All that is required is to buy a ticket and wait for the draw to be announced.
BC.Game BingoThis game of chance entitles users to try and match their numbers with randomly drawn numbers. It varies from traditional numbers to matching mystical symbols, depending on the game you choose.
BC.Game CasinoThis covers a range of betting options, such as slots, BC.Game Originals, BC.Game Live Casino and the latest casino game releases.
BC.Game mobile casino
BC.Game casino mobile
BC.Game sport Mobile
BC.Game mobile sports betting

Benefits of using BC.Game android

BC.Game android follows the same layout as the website, just with the bonus of portability and quick access. However, how does it fare overall?

  • All the functions of the website remain in the app
  • The bonuses remain the same
  • Can easily be accessed via your mobile’s main page
  • Requires a little work to download it from the internet


Opting for the BC.Game download apk for android is the easy way to get all the best of the website, without having to persistently find it via a search engine. Its unusual status as an apk as opposed to a formal application may put some users off. However, we can assure you that it’s just as genuine and offers all the same deals and BC.Game promo code like the actual website.

The interface remains readable and all the content is transferred from the website over to the BC.Game app. You can place your bets whenever and wherever you want from the comfort of your mobile phone. This is something that other companies have offered in the form of real apps, but we’ll give BC.Game a pass.

Frequently asked questions

📱 Will my android support BC.Game

It depends on the amount of storage you have available. If you have freed up some available space then you should be able to download the BC.Game android app with no problem at all.

🔎 Is the website a better option to BC.Game android?

All the features of the website are accessible via the downloadable app. This includes a vast array of great offers, over 40 sports and thousands of slots to bet on. In fact, you are actually receiving a better option as you can now bring the website with you in the form of an instantly accessible app.

🎁 Do I have to redeem all my bonuses on the website first?

No, all the bonuses of the website will be available via the app, including the welcome bonus, shitcodes, referral bonus and all the Hash BC.Game offers such as BC.Game Originals.

💰 Can the BC.Game android app deposit and withdraw money?

Yep, all you need to do is go to the relevant tabs and ensure all your payment details are up to date. If they are, simply select a deposit or withdraw to seamlessly move your money.

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